Northville-Placid Trail

Day 1

Monday August 13, 2018

13.2 miles

The crew: BEELINE, ME SOULFLOWER, SHORTCUT,PARKING LOT, and AMY (name to be determined).

I get into bed last night at 11:30pm and it takes me a bit to fall asleep then I wake up at 4:40 to pee and that is the end of my rest. Our ride was leaving at 6am so I start to get ready. I feel good and awake.

The Katahdin girls: me, SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT.

The ride to he trail was 3.5 hours long and I was all the way in the back of the van getting car sick. As soon I get out and start walking I started to feel much better.

Beeline getting us all registered

Amy’s husband drove us to the trailhead and he also was kind enough to drop our packs off at the parking lot just before we enter the woods so we can slackpack the 3.5 mile road walk that starts the trail.

A light rain starts before we make it into camp. I set up quickly and get my chores done quickly so I can get off my feet. They are feeling tired and a little sore from all the uneven terrain.

Trail markers.

The trail has been beautiful for just a walk in the woods. We passed a couple of beautiful lakes and the trail has been very well marked so far.

SOULFLOWER crossing the stream. We all made it safely with dry feet.

Things I learned on the Colorado trail…

Sunday August 5, 2018

It is good to be home with my family again and I am working on planning my next hike to New York. I will be hiking the Northville-Placid trail around the Adirondack Mountains with my Aunt Julie and one of her friends who I have not met before, but also has the same name as me so she has to be great, and the two wonderful woman I summited Katahdin with…SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT!!! Five woman walking in the woods. I bet this trip will be epic.

So the Colorado trail…

  1. IS VERY DRY. I had no idea just how dry it would be. I had a lot of trouble with my nose. It was just so uncomfortable to breath. I had dry crusted blood and huge buggers I was blowing out regularly. How is that for a pretty picture? In the two and a half weeks I was there it really didn’t improve much. It even smelled dusty.
  2. THERE IS A LOT OF SUN EXPOSURE. I was totally unprepared for all of the exposure. I spent the first week walking under my umbrella until I could get some better clothing that covered me more.
  3. FIRES. They are very serious out here. On a lot of sections of trail I could see the past scars from fire damage on the trees. The locals take fires very seriously. If they see smoke they are calling it in right away and also advising you about the fire bans in the areas.
  4. IT IS VERY DUSTY. It was kind of like walking in a bowl of wheat flour. With the lack of rain the trail is very dusty and you cannot walk directly behind the person in front of you. It reminds me of Pigpen from the Charlie Brown movie with his dust cloud following him. It makes for some very black toes at the end of the day.
  5. I HATE THE SAWYER MINI. The Sawyer is a water filtration system that I was to filter water to make it safe for drinking. They have a regular and a mini (which is small and lighter). I thought I would try the mini for this trip since it is smaller and lighter, but it just takes so much time to filter the water it just isn’t worth the weight savings and smaller size. I have gone back to the regular size filter.
  6. NEVER FORGET TO BRING YOUR BUFF. I love my buff, but decided to try just a ear warmer type headband for this trip. I was thinking it would be warmer and I just wouldn’t need the buff, but I was wrong. Most nights it was in the low 40’s to upper 30’s. I use the buff for a hat/neck and face warmer. I also like to cover my eyes while sleeping since it can be very bright depending on the size of the moon. It was a very missed item in this trip.
  7. HIKING WITH SHORTCUT IS A BLAST! We had so many laughs. I mean stomach cramping, wet your panties kind of laughing.
  8. I DON’T NEED TO CARRY A SEPARATE BACKPACK FOR TRAVEL. When I travel I would usually carry a small drawstring backpack to carry some personal items onto the plane with me, but SHORTCUT taught me that I could just use my food bag. Since I need that piece of gear anyway. No need to carry something throughout an entire backpacking trip that I don’t need on trail just to have a travel bag.
  9. MY PUFFY PACKS INTO IT OWN POCKET. Who knew?!?! Another tip taught to me by SHORTCUT. It packs down so much smaller.

Picture of SHORTCUT’S food/travel bag.

First half done

Day 15

Sunday July 8, 2018

15.1 Miles Total mileage 247.6

Morning view from the back porch of our resort room.

Last night we made our final plans for our transportation back home. We will be finishing up the trail tomorrow in Salida. We arranged a shuttle driver to pick us up from the trailhead and drive us to the nearest town 14 miles away (Salida). We will spend the night there then take a 3 hour bus ride back to Denver. Where we will catch a 40 minute train ride to the airport for our flights home. It’s going be a long day of sitting around after being on the trail for 2 weeks.

The terrain today was different from what we have been walking through. Today we had more forest and pasture looking areas. We even saw a few cows. It is still beautiful.

The forecast for today didn’t really show any rain, but we managed to find it. And it wasn’t just a tiny shower. It was a storm with thunder and lightening that had a both scream out once. And why not throw some hail in the mix just to make it more fun!!!😫 We slid into camp looking like drowned hikers. I set up my tent for the first time in the rain. It’s not something I would like repeat!

It looks bad and it was bad!

Today was really an enjoyable day until the rain started. We didn’t have may miles to complete so we took some long breaks and talked to a lot of hikers. It was really enjoyable when your not trying to crush the miles.

Day 16

Monday July 9, 2018

5.3 miles Total mileage 252.9

Today was my last day on trail. I have completed just over half of the 486 miles of the Colorado trail. I do plan to come back to finish it and hopefully with the same girls that I started it with this year.

When I left camp this morning my shoes were still wet from yesterday’s rain and I didn’t want to get my dry socks wet so I put some doggie poop bags over my socks then slid my feet into my shoes. It looks retarded and you should like you are wearing a diaper but I was happy. No wet socks for this hiker chic!

What ever it was must have died from the heat and dust inhalation.

I am happy to be headed home tomorrow. I miss my family and can’t wait to be together with them again.

My hiking partner SHORTCUT loves luxurious travel when she is not sleeping in a tent. Tonight we are staying at a 5 star hotel in Salida called The Palace Hotel. I am definitely learning a few things about travel from her. Thank you SHORTCUT. It has been a very fun and pleasurable trip traveling with you.

I would like to thank my wonderful husband, Jim for all his support. I love you, Babydoll.

Also thank you Nikki and Dr Nong for allowing me to take the time off of work and the girls there for making due without me.


Day 12

Thursday July 5, 2018

16.6 Miles Total mileage 197.8

Last night SHORTCUT was sitting outside on the front porch. She called me out to check out the storm that was moving in. As soon as I stepped out side I know it wasn’t a storm. It was smoke!!! I could smell it. It is the first time we had any smoke of any kind. Sometimes we could see smoke off in the distance, but never could we smell it. It’s hard to believe but each day we hike I can see signs that there had once been a fire in the area. I heard that one of the fires was started at a shooting range.

We left our cute little cabin this morning and rather than take the 1.95 mile side trail back to the CT we decided to get shuttled down the road where the trail was next to the road. So I skipped 3.8 miles of trail. And I paid for it. We got lost twice early this morning and only covered 2.4 miles in 3 hours. I think I walked those 3.8 miles anyway.

Some how we walked right by this sign and didn’t even see it. We had to back track .6 miles to where we missed our turn.

We had some pretty nice hiking weather this today. The high was only in the low 70’s with a chance of some afternoon storms. We had a big climb at the end of the day when we were supposed to get the storms. We were hoping that the storms would hold off until after we summited the big climb and it did. You don’t want to be on top of a mountain in a lightning storm. We were really lucky. When we were doing our big climb it was threatening to rain and it did sprinkle some, but I was most grateful for the cloud cover. Once I started down the other side of the mountain the sun came back out and there was a lot less smoke.

View from my awesome lunch spot.

Fallen tree right over the trail.

There is a huge beaver dam in this creek.

Day 13

Friday July 6, 2018

18.8 Miles Total mileage 216.6

We got a tiny bit of rain last night, but I woke up to a dry tent and chilly temperatures. It was 38 this morning.

I have been following these animal tracks for days now and finally figured out what animal makes them.

It’s a Llama! When we rolled into to camp tonight they were here. Apparently a woman hiked 160 miles of the trail last year and carrying a pack was just killing her back. So she rented a couple of Llamas to carry her gear.

At about 11:30am we started our difficult climb for the day. It was a 3 mile climb up with 2600 feet of elevation gain. I did not do so well on this climb. I was hot and had to take numerous tiny breaks in the way it. I would basically move from shady spot to shady spot.

Day 14

Saturday July 7, 2018

11.8 Miles Total Mileage 230

We woke up to a less chilly morning temperatures. It was 42 this morning. It is still tough to get out of those warm thermals.

Today we were headed into Mt Princeton/Hot Springs. There is a resort right on the trail. I was happy to be headed in for a shower. The days have been pretty warm and I was super stinky. It seems to me that once you have been out here for a while the stinkness returns just as soon as you start to sweat again. Plus the new longsleeve shirt I purchased to block the sun was mostly polyester and polyester gets pretty stinky. I love to hike in wool. You can wear those shirts for days and it won’t smell to bad. It also seems to wick the sweat away from my skin better as well.

We saw some bear tracks this morning. It was unclear to me of they were black bear tracks or brown bear. When I later check on Google I discovered that brown bears do not live in Colorado. So the tracks are from the more skittish black bear.

We have seen a lot of horse poop on the trail last couple of days. My hiking partner, SHORTCUT has this theory that horse pop is non-stick. So of course she has to put it to the test. So you dare.. check out the video below for the results. If it doesn’t gross you out you should get a good laugh from it.

As we were getting closer to Mt Princeton/Hot Springs we passed a ranch that is a kids camp.

The trail turned into a 3 mile road walk on black top into town. Road walking is the worst with a pack on. It’s hot and there is no shade. We decided that if a car passed us we would try and hitch a ride into town. We walked over a mile before the first car passed us and we stuck out our thumbs. Yeah, they picked us up so we didn’t have to do the last 1.6 miles of road walking. It was a group of day hikers visiting the area and they so kindly made room for us in their rental. I bet that they didn’t realize when they stopped that we would smell so bad. Luckily for them it was a very short trip.

We got to the resort about noon and our room was not ready so we sat at a little corner in the bar hoping we were far away from most of the guest that they could not smell us and had lunch. Then we headed over to the spa to get showers while we were still waiting for our room. When we got to our room it was the usual of cleaning gear and doing laundry in the bathtub since there was not a laundry room here.

I’m getting funny looks!!!

Day 9

Monday July 2, 2018

21.9 Miles Total mileage 157.8

SOULFLOWER will be leaving us today. She has something that came up from home that she needs to take care of. So she dropped us back off to continue on our way. Her blisters are continuing to heal, but still bother her some. I am very thankful of the time I was able to spend with her and all that she did for me. She is a wonderfully special friend.

These photos are from the night that I had the ice on my tent. The night before last. From left to right is my tent, SOULFLOWER’S, we both have solo tents and SHORTCUT’S two man tent.

This is my cook system. Stove and pot which I use just to boil water. And a food container where I mix my dehydrated food with the boiling water and let it sit for about 20 minutes to rehydrate. I carry 2 one liter smart water bottles for clean drinking water.

This is me laying down inside my tent. It seems to have gotten smaller then I remember. Or maybe it’s just that I see how much room SHORTCUT has in her tent and I’m envious!

We had a cool start to the day as SOULFLOWER dropped us back off at the trailhead. The temperature gauge in the car said it was in the mid 30’s. Today ended up being one of our best weather days on the trail. Within a couple of hours we were both taking off our jackets. The terrain wasn’t too bad, and we had less sun exposure and cooler temperatures.

Feel like taking a break? We saw this early in the day so we didn’t make use of it but you do occasionally run into benches on the trail. This is the nicest one I have ever seen. It even had a bench in front of the swing to put your feet up on!😊

The views were spectacular again today. It amazes me all the flowers that grow above treeline. They are everywhere.

We crossed over some snow that was still covering a small section of trail.

We even saw our first horse on the trail today.

I’ve been getting some funny looks from hikers that are going in the opposite direction on the trail! When your out here sometimes you just don’t care what you look like and this is one of those times. 🤣

I have my banana over my head to keep the sun off my neck and face as much as possible, but I also discovered that when I tie it under my nose it filters out some of the dust I breath in.

Slack Packing

Day 7

Saturday June 30, 2018

13.5 miles Total mileage 117.6

I had an awesome nights rest. A queen size bed with 5 pillows all to myself.

The photo above is looking back toward the town of Breckenridge.

SOULFLOWER dropped us off at the trail and we headed out at 7am. We had a 3600 foot ascent today followed by a 3000 foot descent.

We walked through a quarter mile section of burned trail. I looked to be pretty recent.

It was an amazingly beautiful day. The weather was cool for our climb and once we were above tree line it got really windy and down right cold.

We skirted some snow on the way up to 12490 feet of elevation. The highest I have ever hiked. I did well with the elevation. No sickness or anything. My legs felt good today. I believe most of the soreness is gone.

We finished up at 2pm today and SOULFLOWER already had a campspot pick out for us right next to a river. So I was able to wash my nasty dirty feel in the river.

When I was in town yesterday I found a saline gel for my nose and it seems like it has helped out. While I was above tree line and the weather was cooler it felt great then as we descended and the heat picked up it bothered me some but it is definitely better.

I can’t believe all the laughs I have had with these girls. It has been so much fun.

I just heated up some water to rehydrate my dinner for the evening. I also filtered my water for the next day. It is usually best to do it at night because in the morning it is usually too cold and it really makes my hands sore.

Day 8

Sunday July 1, 2018

18.3 miles Total mileage 135.9

It got a little chilly last night. I noticed when I woke up this morning that there was some condensation on the inside of my tent. I dried it up and moved outside to dry the outside after I finished I preceded to pack up my tent but then I noticed that there was ICE on the floor of the tent!!! I guess that there was a layer of ice on the inside of my tent and when I was drying the outside I knocked it off. I noticed when SOULFLOWER was driving me back to the trailhead that her car said it was 32* out. BUR!!! No wonder I was freezing. This was a first for me. I don’t think I have called in such cold weather before. It bothers my hands the most. While trying to pack up I kept having to hold them over my mouth and blow warm air on them to make them a little less painful.

We had more clumbing above treeline today. The climb was less intense than yesterday, but the views were just as spectacular.

I saw a marmot up above treeline. He was moving to quick for me to get a picture of him. This is the first one I have ever seen. SHORTCUT thinks she saw was a mountain lion up there to. But I missed it. She was in the process of taking a shortcut when she noticed it so I couldn’t see it from my spot on the trail.

It seems like things have gotten even drier out here. We’re could no longer walk right behind each other because of the dust that would kick up with our steps.

SOULFLOWER picked us up and another hiker as well and took us into the town of Leadville to a hostel to get cleaned up.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Day 6 Friday June 29, 2018

6.3 miles Total mileage 104.1

I had a little difficulty sleeping last night I woke up sneezing and then had a stuffy nose. My nose has plaged me the most with the dryness here. I had hear a pack of coyotes howling last night. I would l love to see one. Although, just a friendly one that is not hungry for my measly muscles.

Today we hiked into Breckenridge, Colorado after 6 days on the trail. This is the longest I have ever gone between town stops. I have done 5 days but never 6. I am more than ready to get cleaned up and do laundry.

This is the view a we hike down into Breckenridge. This town is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

SOULFLOWER picked us up from the trailhead. She plans to travel we us as we head south and provide trail magic to hikers along the way. We did all kinds of errands which took up most of the day. First stop was the post office to pick up my package and SHORTCUT’S credit card she had mailed to her. Then I hit a couple of stores to get a longsleeve shirt and some knee high socks, while SHORTCUT arranged lodging for us. SHORTCUT travels in style. We are staying in a two bedroom/two bath room at Beaver Run Resort. It’s a very nice place with a kitchen, living room with fireplace and a small dining room. It’s a huge change from sleeping in a tent.

This is my late lunch/early dinner after getting cleaned up. Seafood linguini. It was excellent and there are leftovers to pack out for lunch tomorrow.

SHORTCUT has a terrible blister, but she is tufting it out. She said that is really doesn’t bother her to much. SOULFLOWER ended up getting off the trail because of blisters, but her blisters were on the bottom of her feet and she said it felt like she was walking on walnuts!😫 So that was the reason she got off the trail. So far I have not had any blisters.

The two pictures below are from the the balcony of our room just after the sun has gone down.

Since I posted a picture of SHORTCUT’s horrible toe blister she wanted to make sure I post what she calls my Mary Poppins/Bandit look. So there you have it. You may have to zoom in to see me better.

I’m on another adventure!!

Sunday June 24,2018

This girl is gone again. For those of you who don’t know I am hiking a portion of the Colorado trail with the two girls that I summited Katahdin with last year. These girls are amazing and so fun to be around.

It’s hard to believe I was in Orlando this morning. Its been a long day. I left at 8am headed to Colorado. Then hike 11.2, finishing up at about 6 p.m. mountain time.

The flight went well, but we were stuffed in like sardines. I flew on frontier airlines and the seat are really small. Even the tray table was tiny. Smallest one I have ever seen.

I had a local named Aimee pick me up and shuttle me to the trail. She thru hiked the trail 2 years ago and she is a runner so we had lots to talk about. She had her dog Bear with her and he was so good.

I arrived at the trail at noon and spotted SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT right away. We were on our way a half hour later. The first 7 miles in were on a large dirt road so it was easy walking. I was in awe. It was pretty beautiful minus the storm clouds. We did get trained on a couple of time but it wasn’t crazy heavy.

We did get to see Bullhorn sheep. I guess see them at the beginning of the trail is pretty popular. They even put on a show for us.

Day 2

Monday June 25, 2018

22.5 miles Total mileage 33.5

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was a little cold and my hips were aching from the transition from a nice comfortable bed to a blow up sleeping pad. We dry camped last night which means that we weren’t near a water source. We carried water in to camp with us. Then today hiked about 5.5 miles to the next source. It was pretty chilly this morning and I didn’t take off my jacket until after getting water, about 3 hours into the hike.

I carried out 2 liters since the next source was 10 miles away. I am so thankful that I did because this section was hard and hot. There was no tree cover. Then after filling up with more water it was more of the same for most of the day…dry and sun exposed. I am very sun burned.

I didn’t see the girls all day. Later I turned my cell on and had a text from SOULFLOWER. She was light headed and had stayed at the second water source not feeling well and thinking she may have to go home. I was able to talk to her and she was going to text me in the morning and see how she felt. I think the sun really got to her today. Unfortunately I was way on down the trail. Please say a pray for her that it’s not something medical.

Today was a tough day and the water sources were far apart. There was a water source listed in my guide as having water and my planned stop for the day, but the source was dry and I had to hike further than I wanted to.

Day 3

Tuesday June 26, 2018

20.4 miles Total mileage 53.9

I feel like I am really not prepared for this trail. Today was a rough day. There is a ton of sun exposure and I am very sun burnt. I wish I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, but I don’t have one with me. I’ve just been wearing my arm warmers which are a tad on the warm side. Plus it is so dry and many of the water sources are dry, which is a recipe for dehydration. I’m also having a hard time breathing through my nose and mouth because of the dryness here. I’ve resorted to tying a banana around my face just so I can breath a little bit moister air back in.

None of our camp sites have been nice and tonight is the second night that I have dry camped. On top of all that my butt started to chafe yesterday and got worse today. I won’t post a picture of this one.😀

We also had a 3000 foot climbed. I had to take numerous breaks on the way up. The worse thing about this climb was no view at the top. I haven’t had any signs of altitude sickness but I have had some minor headaches. Currently I am camped at 10925 feet.

This is SHORTCUT pictured above leading the way.

Day 4

Wednesday June 27, 2018

20.5 miles Total mileage 74.4

View from my campsite.

I camped about a half mile down the trail from SHORTCUT last night. I was ready to call it quits for the day and the campsite only had room for one tent. I quickly set it up and just laid down inside to rest for a while before getting up to do everything that needed to be done.

I slept well and only had go get up twice to pee during the night. Each time I got up it was so light out because of the full moon I didn’t even need my flashlight. The picture below is the view from my camping spot last night.

I caught up to SHORTCUT a couple of miles down the trail and we pretty much stayed together for most of the day.

I was thinking about getting off the trai and going into town. I want to see if I could get in contact with SOULFLOWER and see if she was on trail or if she had gone home. I was hoping to get a cell signal to see if I could reach her, but SHORTCUT got a message from her. She was getting off the trail and going home. She had acquired some pretty bad blisters and didn’t want them to get infected. I was glad we got word before I tried to go into town because it was a 20 mile hitch that I wasn’t crazy about doing along. SHORTCUT was going to stay on the trail.

There was a lot of sun exposure again today and I am even more sunburned. I used my umbrella for almost all of the day to keep the sun off me. I even had a guy tell me he wished he had one. I also saw another woman out here with an umbrella. This is Betty pictured below.

Picture of my sunburned legs and hand.

I saw a number of deer today early in the morning and even this evening near camp.

On a good note my butt chaffing was nearly non existent today, since I was hiking in a pair of underwear that I have not hiked in before. They didn’t stay in place and spent most of the day in the crack of my ass, which eliminated the chafing. 😀

This is a view from my lunch spot.

If you look closely you can see snow on the mountains in the distance.

I took this lovely picture so you can see just how dusty and dirty it is out here. It took me a while to get that all cleaned up with a couple of baby wipes and some paper towels (aka toilet paper).

Day 5

Thursday June 28, 2018

23.4 miles Total mileage 97.8

I slept excellent last night. I didn’t even have to get up to pee.

As I was heading down the trail early this morning I saw either a herd of elk or bull deer. They were to far away for me to tell. Plus I’ve never seen a bull deer before so I really don’t know what they look like, but Jim said that may have been what I saw.

I had a great hike this morning and the scenery was beautiful. I even stepped on some snow that was on the trail. There is still some visible snow on the mountain tops.

Then things got hot and the last climb was miserable! It is so dry and dusty. My nose is all crusted with dirt and dried blood.

My calfs muscles are feeling better, but the front of my shins are still sore.

My feet are doing well considering the mileage I have been doing.

SOULFLOWER got off trail and flew back to Grand Junction where she left her car and is now driving to Breckenridge to meet us tomorrow. She plan to do a little trail magic for some of the hikers on the trail and follow us and give us aid where needed.

I wish I had better sun protection out here. Longsleeve shirt, knee socks, and sun gloves are all things I am going to look for when I get to town tomorrow.

Blood Mountain

Saturday April 28, 2018

Today I hiked 10.6 miles northbound from Woody Gap up and over Blood Mountain to Neel Gap.

I hiked with GRAM CRACKER and SO-NO today. I met GRAM CRACKER on Wednesday at a road crossing when I was out on my overnighter. I stopped and talked to her for a while. She thru hiked in 2010. Then I saw her again at Mountain Crossings Outfitters on Thursday while I was shopping. This morning we just happened to be at the same trailhead, at the same time, heading in the same direction. So we headed out together with SO-NO and hiked all the way to Blood Mountain together. As we were hiking she told me she planned to hike the Colorado Trail starting July 1 this year. SOULFLOWER was going to hike the first half of the trail starting on June 24 and I was considering hiking with her provided I could get the time off of work. So GRAM CRACKER and I exchanged numbers so we could keep in touch.

It was another beautiful day on the trail and I was blessed to be out here. Once I got to Blood Mountain the trail was really crowded. Since Blood Mountain is only 2.4 miles from a trail head it is a popular destination for day hikers. It was good to see so many people out enjoying the trail and beautiful views.

At the top of Blood Mountain I said goodbye to GRAM CRACKER and SO-NO and headed down with SHARKY. He is yo-yoing (doing the trail one direction then turning around and doing it again). If he complets it it will be his 4th and 5th thru hike of the AT. He had some very interesting stories to tell. Hiking just gets into your blood and you just keep coming back to the trail.

Unfortunately this is it for me on this trip. I will be heading home tomorrow. I did managed to hike over 60 miles. I just wished the weather had been better because I sat out a few days to avoid the rain. Of course I could have hiked in the rain, but it is no fun. Plus it was pretty chilly up here. Most mornings I was starting out in the 40’s.

I’m Sunburned

Friday April 27, 2018

Mom dropped me off at Dicks Creek Gap and I hiked southbound to Unicoi Gap. A 17 mile day. It was a cool start, but the sun was shining and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. Mom and Berkley followed me up the trail a short distance before turning around. They turned around to soon and didn’t get to see this cute little bench in front of a small waterfall.

After about an hour of hiking I was starting to get warm and started to peel off some layers. Shortly after I walked into this…

I started to get really cold and had to put on more layers on than I had started with. It was COLD, WINDY and the wind was blowing water off the trees.

I started to meet some of the hikers that stayed out the night before in all that rain. Most said that they stayed dry. Especially the ones in the shelter.

As quickly as I walked into that foggy mess I walked right out of it about an hour later and started to take layers off again.

Today’s terrain was pretty challenging. I had three mountains to climb all over 4000 feet. The first one Kelly Knob at just over 4100 feet went by quickly without much difficulty. The second mountain, Tray Mountain over 4400 feet was more challenging, but still completed without to much difficulty.

View from the top of Tray mountain.

The third mountain Rocky Mountain at just over 4000 feet was a bit more challenging for me. Which could be because I did it at the very end of my day.

View from Rocky Mountain.

It was a very good day for me. I met many nice people along the trail. Some of them I had seen in days prior since today I was hiking southbound. The sun was out for most of the day. I ended up finishing in just my skirt and short sleeve T shirt. I later noticed I was sunburned. Tomorrow I will be hiking northbound with the sun on my other side.