And I’m off again… 

Thursday April 20, 2017

I’ve set a goal that I believe maybe beyond my reach…


Why do I feel this way?

Well, because of the bone deep fatigue I experienced some days on my Long Trail hike last September. Even though I never had thoughts of quitting the trail, I also knew that it was a short trip, it would be over all too soon.


Can I do that month after month?

Well…I’m about to find out.

I fly out tomorrow!

I  have decided to do a flip-flop hike, which I think will give me the best advantage of finishing the trail. I will be starting in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, which is about the halfway point and heading north. This will give me the best weather advantage and I will be tackling the hardest part of the trail, New England, in the middle of my hike rather than at the end when the fatigue and pain have really set in. I do realize that I will have the dreadful Pennsylvania rocks shortly after starting. Hopefully with the low mileage days I will be starting with and the newness of being on the trail, it will keep the foot pain from being to unbearable and keep my spirits relatively high. Rather than wanting to run screaming home after trudging over all those rocks that I have heard so many bad things about!

I do plan to start off with low miles and in easier terrain which should help my body adapt better to the daily miles and I won’t feel so worn out. I do have my health challenges, but I have learned how to overcome them in everyday life.  I’m also hopeful to manage them on the trail.

I’ve been going over pack weight again and again trying to see what I would be willing to do without. I know pack weight is huge since I have to carry everything and I want to go as light as I can, but I also don’t want to be miserable out there. I do have many luxury items, to hopefully keep me sane and comfortable, and if I’m not using them I can always send them home to lighten the load.

For those of you interested in my gear list it can be viewed here.