Saturday October 10, 2020

Hurricaine Delta and I have collided. It has been a nonstop rainy day. It makes it very challanging for me to get Berkley out. He has a distaste for rain and will not go out in it. I found a couple of shopping centers that had some cover and made due with that. On a positive note hopefully it washed some of the bugs off the van.

I have finished driving through Oklahoma, there is nothing to tell. Arkansas was short and sweet. Definitly more to see. There were tall trees along the highway and fields of beautiful yellow crops. I don’t know what there were. Oh, Tennessee you are so beautiful! I see mountains again. Some fall color is starting to appear. I long to hike your trails, but the rain…I will have to come back another year.

5 thoughts on “Collision

  1. Yeah, well…I don’t like to pee in the rain, either. I’d rather pee in a ziplock than have someone yank my by the chain out of my warm, dry blankie to go do my business.

    You drove through the wrong part of Arkansas. You just described Hot Springs, Little Rock and parts further east close to the Mississippi plains. There is definitely more to see in Arkansas.

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    1. You made me laugh about peeing in the rain. We have done it so many times and it is so hated.

      I was on I-40 headed east. I am sure there is much more to see than what I saw of Arkansas. How are things on the farm? Any big plans for you guys?


      1. 🙂 I knew you would get it.

        We are fine. Thank you for asking. Next big thing is our Milk Cow giving birth…then the fun begins. We’re not sure when that will be -exactly- but hopefully sometime between December and March. She’s getting HUGE!


  2. Oh Little Bear! I was worried when I saw the title “Collision!” I thought you might have had a car accident! I’m so thankful it was a collision with a hurricane and that you and Berkeley are okay. Safe journey the rest of the way!😊🦋🌼🙏


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