Black Canyon of Gunnison NP

Friday October 2, 2020

Deep, steep and narrow that is the Black Canyon. Created by the Gunnison river over the past two million years. With depths over 2,700 feet deep and total length of 48 miles. It is quite the site to see, only I couldn’t get close to the edge and look over.It was a pleasure exploring the park. The crowds were minimal with plenty of parking. The day was over cast with a cool breeze and the folage was showing its fall colors.
I entered the park at the south rim and was able to get Berkley on a short 2 mile trail. Although he only hiked half of it and I carried him all the way back.

Saw this payphone at a gas station in Gunnison, Colorado. It had a card reader.

4 thoughts on “Black Canyon of Gunnison NP

  1. My favorite place in Colorado. In my 20s we did multiple traverses through the bottom when the Black Canyon was still a national monument. It’s interesting involving a dozen swims in ice cold water over 2 1/2 days. I’d like to do it one last time.


  2. WOW!!! Those photos looking down into the canyons below almost make me lightheaded. I can see why you didn’t try to take pictures leaning over the edge. You’re still giving me palpitations.

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