Cold Weather

Tuesday September 29, 2020It was a chilly freezing 33.7 degrees in the van this morning. I stayed tucked in until 7:30 and Berkley had the same idea. He wasn’t climbing out, not until I made the first move. I hopped up and through clothes over the thermals that I went to bed in. I find that is the easiest way to get ready quickly and not freeze to much. I exited the van and put my temperature gauge on the outside of the van. I was curious to see what the outside temperatue was. I left it there while we went for our morning walk.We are surrounded by mountains so it took a short while for the sun to reach us, but when it did things started to warm up quickly. I took a few pictures while we were out walking. The fall colors are starting and it is so very rare for me to see such beauty. I wanted to capture it.When we got back from our walk the temperature gauge was reading a warmer 35 degrees. We went in and turned the heat on and I proceded to make myself a cup hot chocolate. The sunlight was beeming in the front windshield. I sat up front in the warm sun drinking my hot chocolate and enjoying the beauty surrounding me. Soon I was turning the heat off and stripping down to my thermals. Things were heating up quickly. It is forcasted to get up to 76 today. By 10:30 I am in a tshirt. By 11:15 I was in shorts. Yesterday I stripped down to a tshirt and underwear and just sat in the entryway enjoy the warm sun on my skin. I suspect I may be doing that again today.

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