Natural Bridges NM

Friday September 25, 2020

This national monument was a delight. There were far less people here than at some of the other parks I have been to. There was parking at every parking area and few people on the trails.

Sipapu Bridge. It is hard to see in this picture with all the background rock.

The first hike to Sipapu Bridge was a bit to technical for me. I attempted it and made it down the first two sets of metal stairs. But the ladder had me turning around. I don’t like heights or ladders. The ladder was made from old tree limbs and I’m sure it was probably solid, but I decided best to avoid it. I am hiking alone and I have Berkley waiting in the van. So if something happens to me Berkley could be in big trouble. Plus there were a total of three ladders to descend.

Natural Bridges NP has a 9 mile one way loop. Offering guests numerous lookouts and hiking trails.

Next was Horse Collar Ruin, inhabited by ancestors of the Puebloan people. It was a view from far away. You may have to zoom into the photos to see it better.

Kachina Bridge was another challanging hike with many steps down into the canyon far below. It did have one small ladder, that I managed well. Once down and standing under the bridge it is mindblowing to see just how big it is.

Only one small ladder on this hike, but the stairs were plentiful.

Owachomo Bridge was the smallest of the three bridges and easiest to hike to, but still very large.

This little angel is fast asleep. It was a busy day for him.💜

3 thoughts on “Natural Bridges NM

  1. I’m really enjoying following your adventures. I don’t like heights or ladders but if there is a handrail it’s okay.


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