Mesa Verde NP

Sunday September 27, 2020This was another National Park that was a delight. It far less crowded than some of the other parks I visited. I am also reaching the end of the season which helps. I was able to finding parking at every place I visited.Mesa Verde is most famous for its cliff dwellings built by the Ancestral Pueblo people in the late 1190’s to late 1270’s. They first settled in the area about AD 550 and lived in pit houses, a pit dug in the ground with timber used to support the walls and roof. But as time evolved so did they dwellings.My first stop was Cliff Palace. It is the largest dwelling with 150 rooms and had a population of approximatley 100 people at some time. I was surprised to see how empty the parking lot was when I pulled in. All guided tours have been cancelled because of covid so you can only walk to an overlook and take a picture from here. And unfortunally my timeing with the sun wasn’t the best for taking picture of the dwellings, therefore the quality is really poor.The next highlight was Square Tower House. It is noted in my park map brochuer that much of what we know of these early residents are clues found in the garbage heap at the bottom of the cliff. It is though that the population of this area many have reached seveal thouseand over the years by the fair amount of discarded trash.Lastly was Spruce Tree House. Again poor picture quality of sun and distance for site.This was truly a remarkable park. There were so many places to stop and get out and view sites it was exhausting. Thankfully the weather was perfect. A sunny, cool and breezy 70ish day allowing for many stops. After doing a short hike and the dozen or more stops I made I took a short nap in the van.

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