Grand Canyon NP

Tuesday September 22, 2020

Did you know mice like cantaloupe? Yup, they sure do. I stayed at a dispersed campsite last night and I could hear a mouse in the van before I even fell asleep. It was a long night. It woke me up several time rummaging around. In the morning I found it had eaten a portion of a cantaloupe that I had out to ripen. Pesky little things!

My morning view before entering the Grand Canyon NP.

The rest of the day didn’t go was well either. My Grand Canyon visit was kind of a bust.

I camped just 4 miles from the enterance to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. The drive in was beautiful. Some of the Aspen trees are starting to change color.

I was pulling up to the enterance just before 8am. There was no one there so I just entered and headed to the visitors center to get a map and info.

Only about a third of the parking lot was open. They were repaving the surface so most of it was roped off. I’m glad I got here early. The visitor center was closed so I couldn’t get a map or talk to a park ranger. So I took a picture of a map posted outside and planned out my day.

There were a few overlooks and a trail that I could do from here. First was a short hike to Bright Angel Point, but I couldn’t do it. I got part way and got scared. The narrow trail with steep drop offs on each side left me feeling dizzy. I just wanted to get down on my hands and knees and just crawl back the way I came. There were a couple of other lookouts and I did do one of them, but not the other. It looked a little to fear inducing to me.

Next I was going to hike a small portion of the North Kaibab Trail, but the parking area was totally full.

I was going to do the scenic drive to the overlooks, but the WHOLE road was shut down for construction. All 20+ miles! I talked to a worker and he said that he didn’t know if they were working an 8 hour day or a 10 hour. So the road would be closed until at least 3pm.

I decided just to headout. It was so busy and very little parking. I also decided not to go to the south rim. The east enterance is closed so that would mean that I would have to drive all the way down to Flagstaff and back up. Probably a 5 hour or longer drive for me. I am happy with what I have been able to see. I think I am on beautiful landscape overload. I am so thankful for all that I have seen and I know there is still so much more. This land we live on is remarkable.

I head out of the park and don’t get very far before finding a beautiful spot to camp. I realized that the next couple of places that I wanted to stop at were much lower in elevation and may be a bit warm. So I decided to take a break at this higher elevation and enjoy the beautiful weather. I end up staying two nights at this spot. The weather is great. The scenery is good and there are miles of walking. I just smile and enjoy it. This makes me happy.

My morning view is so lovely.

My camping spot for the next two nights.

4 thoughts on “Grand Canyon NP

  1. I just love these autumn colors. These next 2 weeks can’t go by fast enough so that I can be in the mountains again and enjoy the Fall colors for myself. Hope we’ll be meeting up there at some point. Be safe and oh, I’ll try to have some ripe cantaloupe waiting for you.

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