Zion NP

Thursday September 17, 2020

I arrive mid-afternoon and the temperatures are much warmer here. It is 95. Luckly the campground has electric sites so I will be able to run the AC.

Checkerboard Masa

I take the east enterance into the park. There are two tunnels that I have to go through and I though I would need a special permit to pass through them but no one required me to purchase one. There were a couple of large motorhomes in front of me and I was just ushered through with them. The tunnels are normally two way traffic, but with vehicles wider that 7’10” they make it one way traffic to prevent accidents through the narrow tunnel. The drive in through the east enterance is stunning, but plan for a long delay at the Mt. Carmel Tunnel.

It has been a wonder just driving out west. Just going from one park to another is like going through another park. It is that beautiful.

Tunnel in Red Canyon area

Note: if in the area again overnight in Red Canyon between Bryce and Zion on 89.

At the beginning of this trip I was stopping all the time to take pictures at practically every lookout. Now I just enjoy the moment and continue on, ouing and awing to myself as I pass through.

My campsite is massive. I think you could fit 10 of me in here. It is a pull thru site on the river. It was my only option when I made my reservation. I’m sure it was only available because someone cancelled and I got really lucky.

Friday September 18, 2020

Views on our morning walk

Little Man was a walking machine this morning. I had to make him turn around and he still did 2.5 miles. We passed by a deer and the deer started to walk toward Berkley as if he wanted to check Berkley out.

Zion has a shuttle bus system and you can only see certain areas of the park by taking the shuttle. You have to buy a ticket for each day you want to ride the shuttle. You can buy them two weeks in advance or there are also a limited number available the day before. All shuttle tickets are one dollar. I was able to get a shuttle ticket for today, but I was unable to get one for tomorrow.

Today I took a hike to Emerald Pools. I would call them something else. They were not that attractive, but the scenery on the hike was beautiful.

Waterfall that you pass under on your hike up to Upper Emerald Pools.

Upper Pool

I walked by a few deer on the way up the trail and they were still in the same spot on my return trip. I was surprised because there were so many people on the trail. I guess the deer are really use to people.

Since I was unable to get a shuttle ticket for tomorrow I crammed a lot into today. I also walked the riverside walk which goes to the narrows. I did not go into the narrows. I did want to walk through all that water. I’m sure it was pretty frigid! Plus I like my feet and shoes dry.

I also stopped at the Big Bend stop which gives you a view of the Angel’s Landing Trail from far below. There are numerous areas that are closed in the park because of covid and being unable to social distance on the trails. This is one of them. Trust me I’m not heartbroken on this one.

Angel’s Landing follows that razor’s edge pictured above. Nope! Not for me.

Saw this pretty little guy on the sidewalk in front of the lodge.

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