Capital Reef NP

Friday September 11, 2020

It is a pretty sunrise on this cool 40ish degree morning.

My campsite last night.

View toward the front of the campsite.

Upon entering the park I come across a cabin that was build by a mormon family of 15 in 1882. Thirteen children! That is some crazy shit in a one room cabin. The cabin is tiny. They only lived there for a year because of the flash floods that ruined their crops.

I hike to Hickman Bridge. It is a natural bridge and beautiful.

On the hike I meet a couple from California. They are visiting the same parks as me just in the reverse order. They are traveling with a side by side in the back of their truck and towing their trailer. When we get back to the parking lot there is a crowd surrounding their truck. They are staring at how the side by side loaded in the back of it.

This is the first school house in the area built in 1896. It also served as a church and meeting hall. The classroom desks were tiny. I can’t imagine today’s kids fitting in those seats.

I take a scenic drive within the park and the pictures below are the views on the drive.

This is my lunchtime view.

I am fascinated with the colors in the sand/stone/rock/or what ever you want to call it. It is like art work.

This is my campsite for tonight. View is steller.

Berkley, acting like a kid and climbing on the rocks!

Saturday September 12, 2020

We slept in this morning and didn’t venture out until 7:30am. Super later for us. The temperatures were nicer this morning. The interior temp was 50. Which is so much better than the 40’s. The sun was out and the sky, blue. Berkley continued his rock climbing this morning.

After an awesome breakfast burrito of spinach, avocado and egg I was off to hike grand wash. It is a dry streambed deep in the heart of Capital Reef at the bottom of a canyon with sandstone cliffs looming hundreds of feet above. There is a warning at the trailhead about occasional flash floods. I don’t think I have to worry about that today. The dry dusty conditions and sunny skis assure me that all will be well for the hike.

I can see the flow the stream takes as I am walking. It is free from a lot of rock and slightly lower in elevation.

It is a marvel to look at the sandstone and see how smooth some of it is as it has been worn away by the elements. I often wondered what things look like under the sea. This gives you a slight impression of the path the water has worn over time.

The narrows section is mind blowing with steep cliffs that go straight up.

The sections that the sun has not reached at this hour are chilly with an even chillier breeze blowing through. The areas the sun reaches are a warm welcome at this mid morning hour.

Twin Rocks

Berkley doing his best to keep the plants alive!

6 thoughts on “Capital Reef NP

  1. Very interesting. I read a lot of Historical Fiction with plots that happen in that time period. I’m fascinated with how the pioneers lived back then and especially the old one-room school houses.

    The rock structures and colors truly are mind-blowing.

    Glad things have warmed up a bit.


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