Sunday August 30, 2020

I spend the night just outside of town last night with a pond on one side and mountains on the other. The pond is clear and there are several people fly fishing. It is at almost 9500 feet of elevation.

That’s me

I wake up this morning and check the temperature it is 45 degrees in the van. I bundle up and take Berkley for his morning walk. We walk around the pond.

When we get back I turn the heat on and make a cup of hot chocolate to warm up.

I spend most of the day in down town Breckenridge walking around the shops. It is beautiful. There are huge planters of flowers every where. And the homes have the most beautiful yards.

One of the shop workers in a store tells me that it snowed last night on the high peaks. 😯

The main street has been blocked off from traffic so the restaurants could move their tables out into the street to allow more distance between them. Masks were also required to be worn in the outside area as well as in the shops.

I find this cute little wine shop that it thought both Jim and I would love.

After spending most of the day in downtown we head out to the edge of town to find the local troll located on one of the hiking trails. We do find him but have to cut the hike short because there are very dark clouds approaching.

Storm approaching

4 thoughts on “Breckenridge

  1. The town is quaint. I love those beautiful little towns. It would be amazing to have those beautiful mountains as a backdrop. Kinda reminds me of the town in the movie ‘Dante’s Peak!’ >:-O

    I’m gonna ask a ‘newb’ because I know absolutely nothing about the ‘van-living’ culture. I know it exists, but I haven’t really explored it….

    I rarely felt scared on the AT, except sometimes when I was alone. It wasn’t ever animals I was scared of when I was scared…just bad people. Over all, I felt very safe on the A.T. Do you ever get scared when you are parked alone somewhere camping in your van or walking early morning at dawn?


    1. I can’t say I have had any scares and I am thankful for that. Sometimes I get nervous about where I park and the cops may come a knocking, but that has only happened once…and it was in my home town when I first got the van. I just wanted to go camp in it. No one has ever bothered my while walking Berkley. I will say that most of the time when I travel I do wait until it is light out before walking him unless it is in a campground that I have paid for. Plus my husband has made sure that I am heavily armed.


      1. Nice.  I know for a fact that you are smart and take precautions. I’m glad all has gone well and you feel safe. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I was just imagining what it must be like and how it might feel to be the one out there like that. To me, this is totally different to hiking and camping on a trail.

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