Saturday August 29, 2020

I found an awesome place to camp last night after leaving Rocky Mountain National Park. It is near Fresco right on the Blue River. It is so peaceful and enjoyable. I love being stress free, with time to enjoy the beauty of life. I am so blessed to be traveling and seeing this beautiful country.

View with the back doors of the van open.

I sit and enjoy the scenery while sipping on a beer. I talk to another camper who is here for the fishing. He and his wife live near Denver and do some traveling in a truck camper so he knows the area well. He recommends numerous places to see in the parks I plan to visit.

I like the non busy lifestyle. It’s a treat to wake up without an alarm and do what I please during the day. I like to eat when I feel hungry and not to have to do a force feed. I know first hand how people are pushed to their limits in their jobs and get burned out. That was me. The job controlled me until I reached my breaking point. This new door that has opened is freeing and glorious. I love it!

It is a nasty outside this morning. It is cold, in the 40’s and raining, but I don’t have to get up. I stay in bed and drink hot chocolate enjoying the sound of the rain on the van roof.

I hope this rain will help with some of the fires out here. It sure has helped cool things off some. The temperatures have been glorious this past week.

I make popcorn for the first time in the van. Some of it burns on the bottom of the pan, but most of it is delicious.

14 thoughts on “Blessed

      1. It’s already done. 700 watts of solar, I just need to install new batteries. Otherwise, she’s move in ready. I hope to spend my first night in her tonight, but that may be overly optimistic 💜

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      1. I had done so little with my life, and had very few things I really wanted to do in my life when the idea of a thru-hike came to me. When the desire to do something ‘out of my comfort zone’ hit, my husband supported me all the way and I will appreciate it and love him for it for the rest of my life. My hikes were life-changing, and my husband has a better wife for it. We are so blessed to have supportive hubbies, Amy. He is a keeper. 🙂


  1. Amy, you are a true “free spirit” ~ I give you so much credit for all that you done so far. Nice to have your partners support even though he’s not with you. I wish I were younger, had better feet and the opportunities your experiencing now. Enjoy and safe travels.


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