Rocky Mountain National Park

Tuesday August 25, 2020

I arrive at the park at 11am. It is late but I only have one short hike to a waterfall planned for the day before heading to my campsite that I was able to get last minute inside the park.

The waterfall is on an 11 mile one way road. It’s dirt! SHIT! I didn’t know it was a dirt road at the time of my planning. Imagine my shock. I proceed up the road with steep inclines and 180 degree hairpin turns. I truge along slowly letting cars pass as they catch me. I really don’t have many issues, except one where I bottom out a little on a hairpin turn. It is because of my driving. I think I scrape the cover that protects my GU. I learn from it and don’t have any other problems the rest of the way up.

The views are incredible. I am very fortunite to be here. There are so many beautiful areas in our county to view. I hope to see many more of them.

Chasm Falls

The one way road ends at the popular Alpine Visitor Center. It sits at an elevation of 11796 feet. Then you can hike up an additional couple hundred feet to another view point.

All of those logs on the roof of the visitor center are to keep the roof on in high winds. The winds at this elevation can reach 150mph.

From this view point I can see the smoke from one of the many wildfires that are consuming the west. As well as a storm approaching from another direction.

I arrive at my campsite just in time for the rain to lighten up and happy hour. It is my afternoon treat. The pictures below the views from the back side of my campsite. Taken the next morning when the sun decided to return after the rain storm.

There are many deer in the campground. Berkley walked by one on our evening walk last night. He didn’t even see it. It was just standing along the road side eating. It raised its head, watched us go by then continued eating.

Wednesday August 26, 2020

I see the same deer again this morning while walking Berkley. He sees it this time, but doesn’t pay much attention to it. I also see a mom with her two little fawn’s. They are just wondering around in the campgound.

Bear Lake. Zoom in to see chipmunk sitting on the rock.

Today I walk around Bear Lake, then pass Nymph Lake on my way to Dream Lake. It is a beautiful day with mild temperatures. I also hike to Alberta Falls.

Nymph Lake

I think people have been feeding these guys. This one is obese.

On the hike up to Dream Lake

Dream Lake

Dream Lake

Alberto Falls

Thursday August 27, 2020

View from the front of my campsite last night.

I camped outside of the park last night since I only had a reservation for one night inside the park. I had my alarm set for 5am this morning. It has been a while since I have gotten up this early. I have to be in the park before 6 am since I don’t have a permit to enter.

I make it to the enterance at 5:30am. I am not the only one sneaking in. There are a number of vehicles following me. Once I get to the trail head parking lot. This is when I see the bear while walking Berkley.

Calpyso Cascades

I hike to Calpyso Casscades, Ouzel Falls and Coppeland Falls.

Some of the Aspen leaves are starting to turn their fall color and fall on the ground.

Ouzel Falls

Copeland Falls

Random person on a horse who didn’t mind posing for a picture.

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