AC issues

Thursday August 20, 2020

My stop in Lander to get my AC fixed didn’t go totally as planned. They have to order a part for it and it could take as long as a week to come in. I decide to spend the time with a girlfriend who lives 300 miles from here. I will just come back next week to have the AC fixed.

I start my drive from Wyoming to Colorado around 11:00am. To late in the day during this heat wave without AC.

The roads are desolate. It looks like a grave yard. I say many prays along the way. Prays for the animals that no longer live and prays for the ones I didn’t hit. I see an antalope and deer on the side of the road. The antalope was just eating but the deer almost got hit by the car in front of me. Then I had three near misses with birds.

I am traveling in the wind river basin. It is windy and barren, no trees in sight, just sage bushes. It is also hot with no AC. Sometimes I can only have one window open because the wind is so strong.

The roads are long with not much to view. Imigine my shock when I look way down the road (sometimes you can see for miles out here) and see what looks like someone walking. What? Way out here in the middle of nowhere! It turns out to be a bikepacker. I am shocked. It is supper hot and there is nothing out here. I say a pray he/she has plenty of spair tire tubes and water.

After spending the week with SOULFLOWER, I head back to Lander, Wyoming to get my AC fixed. The part came in. I start my drive at 6:45am to beat the heat. I arrive safely without hitting any animals. I do see plenty of new kills on the road. A coyote, a deer and some small animals. There are so many. Plus all the bloody stains from past accidents that havn’t been washed away by the rain.

My appt goes well. My AC is fixed under warranty. They even wash the van for me, major bonus!

I spend the night in town. Then head out for a few places SOULFLOWER suggested I stop at on my way to Rocky Mountain National Park.

So one more time I travel the Wind River Basin. I am lucky again. I don’t hit any animals. I do see a herd of antelope. They are far from the road.

Then I pass a backpacker. YUP! Holy shit! I realize I am near the CDT. I feel for my friend, SHORTCUT. She is currently hiking the CDT and she has already passed this area. I would hate to have to backpack across this. It is hot, dry, dusty, no shade and lacking in views. She has told me some areas have sucked.

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