Happy times!

Wednesday August 19, 2020

I spent the week with my good friend, SOULFLOWER.

She is the best. I practually move into her house. I try to keep all my stuff contined but it just seems to explode like a backpack in a hotel room while on trail. You would have to be a hiker to know what that means.

She lives in the little town of Meeker, in northwest Colorado. With mountain hiking in her back yard. I would love to be able to walk out of my home and just start hiking.

One morning we pass several deer on the short two block distance to the trail. I would also see them while walking Berkley in her neighbor hood or even when driving in town. There are so many of them.

She spoiles me while I am here. We hike every day. Either behind her home or she takes me somewhere and we hike. She cooks delicious and healty meals for me. She doesn’t make me decide what I want for dinner. She just takes care of it. I have fresh vegtables from her garden and huge delicious salads. She also has ice cream in house and she introduces me to magic shell, a delicious chocolate ice cream topping.

We spend several afternoons watching movies and eating popcorn or junk food. Berkley would totally get into movie mode…total relaxation.

The weather here is so different from back home. I wake up to temperatures in the 40’s. When I take Berkley out for his morning walk. It doesn’t seem that cold. The 40’s in Florida are much colder. While I was here the afternoon temperatures would get as hot as mid to upper 90’s, but without the hair frizzing humidity.

Soulflower tells me it has been exceptionally dry out here this year. They are not having their normal afternoon thunderstorms. One day on our way back into town from a trip to Steamboat Springs we see smoke. She drives over to a nearby park to see what is going on. We can see trees going up in flames. The local fire department is on the sceen in record time and puts the fire out. That was much to close for comfort.

SOULFLOWER’S Colorado log home.

She has two cats that she found one winter day while out walking. They were just tiny kittens on a snowy dirt road near her house. Beauty and Beasty. She did not plan to keep them, but they just melted her heart. They truly are a handful. They let Berkley know that this was there house and how things were going to be. He just gave them their space or walked away if they got to close to him.

This is just another of the many ways she spoiled me. She made homemade chocolate cookies the night before I left and packaged some up to go for me. It was truly a wonderful week spent here and it went entirely to fast.

2 thoughts on “Happy times!

  1. It was so great that you were able to have this time with Soulflower, she is such a remarkable woman. You were so blessed to have met her on the AT back in 2017. This blog also made me very hungry from the pictures that you posted of the meals that she prepared.

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