I can’t stay away

Tuesday August 11, 2020I wake up early to start my busy day. It is 51 degrees in the van and 40 degrees outside. I warm things up in the van before taking Berkley for his morning walk.The sun is starting to come up and it is beautiful. I am heading back in the northeast entrance to Yellowstone. I just can’t stay away. This place is magical. When I have a little cell service today I call Jim and tell him to look into flights to come out here. I could go through the park again. It is so big and there is so much to see and do.Today I enter the northeast entrance and travel the Lamar Valley. There are heards of buffalo everywhere. I even have to stop while they very slowly cross the road right in front of me.

Undine Falls

Then I head over to the north entrance stopping to see Wraith Falls and Undine Falls on my way to Mammoth Hot Springs.I continue south from Mammoth Hot Springs to Lewis Falls and Moose Falls at the southern entrance of the park. Before entering the Grand Teton National Park to look for a camping area.

Lewis Falls

I end up camping just outside of the park because the first 2 campgrounds that were first come first serve were full. I decided just to go outside the park and look for something rather than to continue to search for something in the park.

Moose Falls

I found this wonderful campsite. It was a super busy day and I think I will sleep like the dead tonight.

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