Crazy Woman yields frying pan against intruder!

Friday August 7, 2020

Let me tell you it was one hell of a night/very early morning!

Berkley had me up at 1:30am. He still has diarrhea. He is running all around camp looking for a place to go. I keep an eye on him because there are bears in the area. I know he won’t go far, but I don’t want to take a chance. All of a sudden I have to pee…bad, but don’t want to leave Berkley unattended. I am only wearing a t-shirt, no underwear and it is freezing out. Berkley appears to be looking for a second place to go. This may take awhile. So I step outside so I can continue to watch him. I pee in the grass standing up like a man. I pray the people in the camp next to me don’t see me. I just couldn’t hold it any longer. When he is done we go back to bed. I snuggle in and go right back to sleep. At 3:30am I think I hear the little pitter patter of tiny feet. I continue to listen. I think I have a mouse again. A little while later I hear quite a bit of noise coming from my big storage drawer. I get up turn on the lights and open the drawer. SHIT! Imagine my shock when I actually see the thing. It looks pretty big. It is scurrying around looking for a way out. I’m just standing there watching it wondering what the hell to do. I’m not about to try and catch it. Then the thing runs over my frying pan. MOTHER FUCKER! So I do what any crazy pissed off woman would do. I pick up the frying pan and yield it like the ultimate weapon. I’m watching it, waiting for my moment to strike. WHACK! Shit, I miss. WHACK! Oh shit! I think I hit it. It falls into one of the bins. All I can see is one foot and part of the tail. It’s not moving. I just stare at it. Now what do I do?!? Shit! It just moved! I quickly throw the frying pan over the bin and pick it up and put it outside. Here I go again. Outside in just a t-shirt with no underwear on. The neighbors outta love me. I grab the frying pan again. Every woman has got to have one of these! I give the bin another whack with the frying pan. The mouse hops out next to the bin. I give the bin a shove. The mouse runs off in the grass toward the trees. Shit! What if it comes back? Should I had whacked it again? Wow that’s a helluva lot of excitement for that early in the morning. I go back in and proceed to clean out the drawer and wash everything. I wonder if a mouse had gotten into Berkly’s food bowl and that is why he has diarrhea so bad. I will be washing those regularly from now on.

I just made eggs in my frying pan/weapon. Today’s breakfast is 2 rice cakes topped with avocado and egg.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Woman yields frying pan against intruder!

  1. Did you ever find out what kind of animal/rodent you whacked? I’m lovin’ hearing you mentioned
    Cooler temps. Could use a break here from hybrid oppressive heat. I’m over that too!!! Keep
    on enjoying your journey👍


    1. It looked like a mouse to me. There are big temp swings out here. I usually wake up to temps in the 40’s-50’s, then it increases into the 90’s. It is a dry heat, but still hot. There are a lot of wild fires going on out here and major highways are shut down because of it. They need rain really bad.


  2. For some reason, some of your pics don’t load for me, so I can’t see what your critter looks like.

    We live out in the country, so we have mice like some people have roaches. (I’ll take the mice any day over those huge frickin’ roaches we used to have in Houston!)

    We got a cat that is a good mouser for that reason. I learned the hard way not to try to catch them with my hand. They will bite. If the cat is chasing one, I usually try to catch it with a towel so I won’t get bitten.

    I have also noticed that all mice look different. If I could see the pic, maybe I could tell. I never knew this until we moved into the country and I saw the wide variety of breeds.

    One other thing…they can and do get inside vehicles and sometimes chew the wiring and other parts of the car. They have made nests out of foam lining parts of the car, and I suspect my horn is not working due to chewed wires. Bud found some chewed wires under my hood. We’ve not found  a good solution to get rid of them in our house or our car. The old fashioned mouse traps seem to work well in our outbuilding. For the hen house, we bought a mouse trap that is a tube that fits over a bucket. You put peanut butter in the center of it, the mice crawl over it and roll into the bucket. It works pretty well. In the house, we have the cat.

    It sounds like quite a nightmare. 😦 I always tried to remember on my hikes that without a crisis, there is no story.

    Your breakfast sounds delicious! 🙂

    That’s an amazing temperature swing!

    I’m glad to know how the story with Berkley turns out already. Otherwise, this would be hard to read…poor guy.


    1. I didn’t get any pictures of that pesky little pest. I was just standing there dumbfounded. I had no idea what to do. Until it ran over my frying pan and I got pissed.
      My dog, although he is the size of a small cat, just laid in bed watching me like I was a crazy woman. He was no help.
      This is the second or third mouse I have had this trip. Two in the van and I found a nest of bedding in my engine compartment. I have heard of them chewing up wires. So I got rid of that nest as soon as I noticed it.

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