Yellowstone National Park

Wednesday August 5, 2020

I woke up to temps in the lower 40’s. It was 58 in the van, but nice and toasty under the covers. The alarm went off at 5am. I wanted to head out early to beat some of the crowds.

I arrived at Old Faithful at 7am. The next possible eruption is at 8 am. I tour some of the other geysers before getting a good spot to see Old Faithful. The eruption is short.

As I am walking by Lion Geyser it starts to erupt. Creating a rainbow in the process.

The sulfur smell while going by some of them was a little intense. I chose to walk to walk by those quickly. I could also feel the heat from them as I walked by.

Next up is a hike to Mystic Falls. I hit the 2 mile trail fairly early. I am hiking alone so I have my bear spray in my hand ready to fire if needed. The 70 foot falls are spectacular!

It is getting late quick, but I head over to Bisket Basin hoping to find a parking spot. I do. I hike the 5 mile trail to Fairy Falls. Everyone seems to be out and about now. The trail is busy. I wear my mask as people approach and try to give them 6 feet. Though most people seem to disregard the 6 feet social distancing.

Fairy falls is the seventh tallest falls in the park at 197 feet. I bet it is really stunning when the water is high.

The last stop for the day is Firehole Falls. It is located off of Firehole Canyon Rd. It is just a stop and take a picture type of view. The falls were very loud with high water.

By the end of the day this guy is all tuckered out.

6 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park

  1. Very cool. I didn’t get to see it until well into my adult years. It’s something everyone needs to see in their lifetime.

    Thank you for taking us along for the ride!

    What a trooper Berkley is. 🙂


  2. A comment to Jim Fetif’s above reply-Dad and I were there in the mid 1990’s and the devastation from the wild fires of “88” were still very evident. To see that was a real “downer” for me because all I could think of was all the animals that were displaced or worse as a result of those fires. With that said, your pics are amazing. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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