Good news

Monday August 3, 2020

My battery carger that quit working last week came in today. It was still under warranty so I only had to pay shipping. I was able to install it and everything is working again. Yeah! There was an issue with some sparks flying and total shock on my part, but what can I say. I’m not a machanic. Atleast it is installed and working.

While I was waiting for it to be delivered. I did some launday and washed the van. While I was doing laundry I forgot to put soap in the washer before I started it. Then I couldn’t find the area to put the laundry soap and when I finally did I just dumped soap in. I was in such a rush to get the soap in I accidently put it in the spot for fabric softener. Yikes! So I am trying to scoop the soap out with my hand and transfer it the the correct spot making a total mess. I couldn’t get all the soap out, but atleast I don’t have sensitive skin. So it shouldn’t bother me. I know the more I do this the better I will get at it. I just need more experience.

Next stop and blunder was the self wash car wash…less just say I haven’t done this before. I pull in making sure there is enough clearence for the van. Step one accomplished. Next was deciding on the wash. There were about a dozen choices with a little dial that you turn to switch between all the different cleaners, soaps, rinses and waxes. Oh NO! It took me about 10 minutes to figure out which wash sequence I wanted to do. This is so complicated for a first timer. I decide to keep it simple. I pay with a credit card so if I go over the alotted time it will just charge me for it and I won’t be in the middle of the wash with a soapy van when I run out of time. I decide to put on a tire cleaner first and let it sit, then wash the van with a high pressure hot water soapy wash followed by a high pressure rinse. It went mostly well, but I don’t think I was very efficent with my time. Another one of those things I just need more experence with.

Finally around 2pm I am off to Island Park, Idaho. I am making an overnight stop to see SHORTCUT and meet KIWILEGS for the first time. KIWILEGS is someone SHORTCUT met on trail and is doing a portion of the CDT with. They had plans to thru hike the whole trail but COVID changed that.

I take a scenic route through the Gallatin National Forest south from Bozeman. It was a specticulair drive. The winding road followed a river the whole way to Idaho. I am thankful for the atlas I barrowed from Mom. I have opted for some slightly longer drives on the scenic roads rather than the highways. The reward is unbelivable.

I arrive at the hotel SHORTCUT is staying at and dine and visit with them for a few hours before heading out the the van. I just go to sleep in the parking lot.

2 thoughts on “Good news

  1. Your adventures are just way too funny. I can’t decide which is the most hilarious, the laundry or the car wash- I’m still laughing. It was great that you had the opportunity to meet up with Shortcut. Looks like people you meet on the trail become lifelong friends.

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