Natural Bridge Falls

Monday July 27, 2020Natural Bridge Falls–where water meets limestone in a dramatic display of erosion. Named after a formation that collapsed in 1988. The main Boulder River flows over a 100 foot precipice during high water. When water levels are low, the river disappears underground and resurfaces at the bottom of the waterfall.In the photo above the water level is low and the Boulder River is flowing underground. In high water it will flow where I have added the red arrow.This red arrow shows where the waterfall flows in high water creating very large waterfall. This is where the natural bridge was before its collapse.Hey all, I am doing so much better without the stress of working life. I am happy again and sleeping well. The nightmares rarely come anymore. This has really been good for me. So good in fact I am going to continue on, so follow along to see where this adventure leads me.

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