Halfmoon Campground

Thursday July 23, 2020

Halfmoon campground is located in Big Timber, Montana. It is a pretty appropriate name since I felt like I drove halfway to the moon down a dirt road. It was the longest drive I have ever done on a dirt road. It was 18 miles long! The last 2 miles were very rocky and I was unable to go more than 5 mph. By the time I reached the campground, the back of the van looked like it had been ransacked. There was stuff everywhere. The maps I had on the cushions in the back were all on the floor as well as the cushions themselves. Also some art I had hung on a wall was now on the floor. I’m just thankful nothing structually fell. On the was in I passed a mini van on the road with a flat tire. I said a silent pray that my tires held up. On the way out I came upon a older pick up truck stopped in the road. When I pulled up behind it the person driving started it up and drove on. As they pulled away I noticed what looking like a whole lot of oil on the dirt road where it was parked. Again I said another pray that my van held up. I’m not sure if the truck made it all the way down the dirt road. It pulled over again this time waving me around. I said a pray for them this time.

A storm moving in as I was trying to get to the camp. It looked pretty serious, but I charged on hoping for the best. It didn’t really amount to anything significant. A little bit of rain and wind. I was hoping that it would really rain good to wash off some of the bugs I’ve acquired while driving as well as all the dust from the dirt road. Unfortunately I am going to have to wash it.

I just happened to look up as I was reading and there is a deer just outside my window. It gives you a sense of peace knowing that things are calm and still enough to have wildlife so near. I don’t miss the crazy hectic days at work busting my ass and no one every really saying thank you for the hard work. Nope, don’t miss it a bit!

Early morning with the alpenglow reflecting off the mountain. I’d love to start every morning with a view like this.

The water up here is so crystal clear. So different from the dark dirty water in my area back home.

You could always spot someone fishing along the banks or headed to a fishing spot. A lot of the hikers I would pass on the trail had fishing poles. One man told me he had caught a few rainbow trout the day before.

2 thoughts on “Halfmoon Campground

  1. Some of the pics wouldn’t load for me, but the pics I can see are stunning! Can you imagine being a homesteader in the late 1800’s and living way out there? We live on a gravel road…5 miles to pavement. Some people go whipping down this road. Most of the old timers (and us) around here only drive between 5-10 mph because it really does save your tires…so you did the wise thing.

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