Hiking Cathedral Spires

Sunday July 19, 2020

This is another must do hike for all you day hikers. The views are amazing. The wildflowers were in full bloom adding to the beauty.

This can be accessed from the Sylvan lake day use area inside Custer State park. There is a $20 fee to get into the park and it is good for 7 days.

I was also taking a side trail to hike to Little Devils Tower. This one got cut short when I was almost there. There was a steep rock scramble in a narrow crevice that Berkley would not be able to make so we had to turn around. The blue arrows in the photo below point to the trail through the rocks.

A bench with a view of Elks Peak. The highest elevation in the Black Hills.

Sylvan Lake is a day use area with lots of hiking trails. The lake was very busy with people swimming, kayaking and using SUP. As well as picnicking.

I didn’t stay long to enjoy the lake. There were just so many people there and it was hard to maintain a 6 foot distance.

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