Weird places I’ve stayed

Monday July 20, 2020

I had no luck getting a reservation inside of Custer State Park. Everything was full. Even the closest RV parks were full. But I was able to find this little gem. Although I’m not sure I should be calling it a gem. The bathrooms were closed because of covid. So this will be the first time I will be washing my hair in my tiny shower in the van.

I was a little shocked when I drove up. The RV office is also part of an old time museum. I asked myself if I was at the right spot, but I could see RV’s parked next door so in I went. I was greeted by a women wearing an old peasant top buttoned up to her neck with and old west skirt that went down to her ankles. Truly old west!

The camp ground was basically a parking lot with hookups. It is not my kind of place, but it will work. I prefer a woods setting or a great view.

2 thoughts on “Weird places I’ve stayed

  1. Very cool.  I love reading Historical Fiction about that time period.

    I’m more of a ‘woods’ kind of person, too, but I think as I get older, I’m learning to appreciate things for what they are. I guess everything has it’s own beauty, but we are allowed to have preferences. 🙂

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