Tuesday July 14, 2020 thru Friday July 17, 2020I spent 3 night boondocking on the edge of the Badlands National Park. Boondocking is camping on land where it is ok to camp usually for free. It generally does not have any amenities such as bathrooms, water or electricity. So it will usually limit the time you can spend there. I am totally self contanined and can go about 3 days on my batteries before having to start the generator, but my holding tanks and water supply will be the limiting factor for me unless I am camping near a water source that I can filter.Berkley enjoying the sunshine. He loves to sunbathe often rotating around like a rotisserie. When he gets to warm he will move to the shade then its back into the sun when he has cooled off.The sunrises were the best!This morning it was pretty chilly and windy on our walk. After a while I ended up putting Berkley in his carrier and putting my buff over his ears to keep them warm. He did not seem to mind at all.On one side of the van I had the badlands and on the other I had a grassy field.I’m not sure how all these formations were created, but I sure enjoy the view.Way off in the distance you could see and hear cows.My breakfast with a view. Sausage, onion and potatoes.Another beautiful sunrise. The valley floor was covered in fog.This is a sunset. I prefer sunrises. Morning is my favorite time of day.Dreaded mouse poop! On a dinner plate! OH NO! During the night I woke up to some noise. When I went to investigate I could hear little feet scurrying away. I was pretty sure it was a mouse. The next morning I found a shit load of poop in one of my drawers. It was a lot of clean up and dish washing. I did find some almonds that they got into. So of course those went into the garbage. After getting everything cleaned up I started to make sure everything was in containers or odor proof bags. We’ll just say it was another adventure.

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