Fun facts about driving in South Dakota

  • The speed limit is 80 mph on some highways although you must maintain a speed of at least 40 mph. So if you want to drive around at a speed of 41 mph while site seeing you are free to do so.
  • You can drive without shoes on for all you Fred Flintsoners.
  • It’s perfectly legal to drive in the left lane of the interstate all the way to your destination. I never understood why people like it there. But it is totally legal.
  • You can wear headphones, for all of those husbands who don’t want to hear their wives nagging you about how close you are to the vehicle in front of you. You are free to put headphones on and turn up the music. That one is for you, Babydoll!
  • You must use your blinker or a hand signal if the blinker doesn’t work.
  • Transporting an open alcoholic beverage in a car is illegal – unless it’s in the trunk and away from the driver and passengers – then it’s legal.
  • You can no longer talk on the cell phone while driving as July 1, 2020 unless it is hands free.
  • You are totally within the law to pull your camper AND your boat behind your vehicle at anytime in South Dakota. As long as you are not exceeding 75 feet in length go ahead, play “highway train” if you’d like.
  • Riding in the back of a pickup truck is permitted. There are 20 states that still allow this.

3 thoughts on “Fun facts about driving in South Dakota

  1. Well, I can see myself doing several of these; for the most part I’m a left lane driver, however, I do move over for anyone wanting to pass, I would easily take advantage of 8omph speed limit on interstate. Never have my cell in my hand while driving – it’s on my leg whenever I do use it / which isn’t often while driving. I listen to Pandora thru radio speakers, better selection of what I want to listen too. I’m not a tail gator, Nick is – except he’s getting better when my white knuckles are on dash. I tell him everything in back of car is in front by time he gets where he’s going bc of his short stops.

    Well, safe driving and enjoy your trip – sounds great!

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