Cumberland Falls, Kentucky

Thursday July 10, 2020

After getting fired from my job. I was felling pretty lost and didn’t know what to do with my life. I believe I am a hard worker and did more then the job required of me. So it really came as a shock me, but I can understand it. I literally snapped. Everyone who knows me is shocked over what has happened. They know how easy I am to get along with and work with. After a week a home and feeling depressed and not knowing what to do I decided to hit the road for ANOTHER adventure of a life time. I live for adventure. It makes my heart sing! So here I go and you may follow along with me. I will not tell you the destinations I hope to go to, but you may follow along for the ride.

This is my first stop. It is located in the Daniel Boone National forest in Kentucky.

It is a tourist area with a mega parking lot and a very easy stroll to see to the falls. It is definitely worth seeing, although you don’t feel like you earned it on such an easy walk.

Oh and people, please try and limit your plastic consumption. It sure makes a big mess of the waterways! Plastic, even though it can be recycled, it can only be recycled into a lesser grade plastic and can never biodegrade.

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