Attention All Day Hikers…

Thursday March 26, 2020This is a hike you don’t want to miss. It has to be the best day hike I have ever done. It is Sitton’s Trail located in Northwest Georgia. You’ll want to make sure to start from the trailhead parking area NOT from Cloudland Canyon State Park. If you do it from the main trailhead in the park it involves 600 stairs and you will miss the hike along the river. Now you can do it from the park and do the 600 stairs plus 2 miles along the river, but I avoided the stairs since I had to carry Berkley. The stairs are and open metal grate and he does not like them. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! There is a day parking fee ($5) for the parking area, but trust me it is worth every penny. You’ll want to get there early because there is not that much parking and it was full when I returned from my hike.

The trail follows a river (forgive me for not knowing the name of it) all the way up to Hemlock Falls. The trail guide said it was 2 miles to the falls, but I have to say I was there in no time. I was so entertained the whole way.

What to expect…The trail is rated as strenous, but I felt like the ascents were short lived and there is a chance to catch your breath before it continued up again. The trail was mostly free of roots and rocks so easy walking.There was one water crossing to rock hop across, but I managed to get one foot wet on the way there. I was carring Berkley and did not have the best balance. On the way back across I made it with dry shoes. Yay! There is also a bride crossing far above a waterfall on the way there that had me saying “oh shit” and I would not look down. It has a see though metal grate to walk on. It is definitly better that a swing bridge with a metal grate. I had to do one of those on the Northville-Placid trail in New York. I don’t seek them out that is for sure. Now for the waterfall itself, just check it out it speaks for itself.

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