A Displaced Couple

Monday March 30, 2020

View from what was their front yard.

I met an interesting couple this afternoon. I am camped on what use to be their land. I am actually close to the trailer they use to live in many years ago.

View of their backyard.

The husband grew up here with his parents. They were mostly self sufficent with farming and could live on very little money. When he grew-up and later married his wife his parents sold them 5 acers of their land to live on.

They showed me where their trailer sat, and where their driveway was. They showed me the utility pole which supplied their power. It was now just a stump in the ground with a wire sticking up. You could still see the remains of the pump house, which I had found earlier in the day when I was out walking Berkley. I had wonder what use to be there. Never did I imagine that I would later find out.

This area was owned by his parents and is where he grew up.

They said they don’t come back here often. It is not the best memory of how they were forced to sell their property to a power company. They were given no choice if they wanted to leave or not. They were given fair market value of the property and told to leave.
Oglethorpe Power Corperation now ownes 5000 acres here and on a portion of it is the Rocky Mountain Recreation and Fishing Area. The area is unbelievely beautiful. I am glad they are at least sharing it with the public although I’m saddened for the families forced to leave.

5 thoughts on “A Displaced Couple

  1. How neat that you got to learn a bit of history. I would’ve loved to sit and talk with them on what life was like for them. Go forth and meet some more people with interesting stories:-)

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  2. Pretty cool. I have wanted to buy a Roadtec or something similar for years. I would be gone most of the time.


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