New core value

Thursday October 31, 2019

I’ve added a new core value to my top 5 core values…ADVENTURE! I just can’t love my life without it. Most financial advisors will ask you for your top five core values to find out what truly motivates you and to determine what you care most deeply about. That way they can help you plan for the future and use money as a tool to help you reach your goals that align with your values. These are my top 5 values:

1. HEALTH–If you have ever been sick or have a chronic illness you know how important this is. To me this is the foundation of life, because if you’re not healthy and feel good, how do you truely enjoy life?

2. ADVENTURE–This what makes me tick! It gets my blood pumping, heart racing and giddy with excitement. It makes me set goals and smile big when I achieve them.

3. FREEDOM–I long for the day when I take a leap of faith and cut the strings that hold me to a job that I stay at for years on end. I am looking forward to the time when I can just work a few months out of the year and be free to do what I like the rest of the time. But fear is a bitch and has keep me rooted to this spot. What is fear? When I take a look at it, it is nothing more than the lies I tell myself because of my insecurities. Maybe if I just ask myself “what do I have to lose?” I will realise it’s not nearly as much as I have to gain, if it’s anything at all.

4. HAPPINESS–The joy when everything comes together, to feel greatful and blessed for all the wealth in my life. Doing the things that inspire me and make me feel energized.

5. SECURITY–The rainy day funds to back me up when thing don’t go according to plan or for challanges along the way, are taking longer to build up than I would like. But every day is one day closer to my goal. Even thought I don’t know what that goal (money needed for 6 mos of travel) currently is. Oh and the 401K for the end of life is far from ideal and definetly won’t support me at this time in my life, but I continue to add to it for the future. I wish I had the know how to start much earlier than I did. I believe this is something that should be tought at a very early age in schools amoung other things, but isn’t.

My Mom has rented a house in Franklin, NC for a few months this fall. I have planned a couple of trips up to do some hiking. The first trip, this weekend is just for a long weekend. The weather is a complete mix of freezing cold, rain, fog and some beautiful sunny days, although chilly. I wanted to make a couple of stops on the way up to see some waterfalls, but there was all day rain forcasted for the drive. When we were close to the first turn off for one of the waterfalls I wanted to hike to I looked at Jim and asked him if he would be willing to do a hike in the rain. It was only a very light misty rain. He agreed so off we went. Some times I think he doesn’t know what he is agreeing to, but you won’t hear me complain. There is just something about hiking in the rain that adds to the adventure. My hiking buddy, SHORTCUT says “it is good for the soul”.

Shortly after turning off the main highway we were on a dirt road. I think I have been down more dirt roads in the van (by the way, her name is Vandy) than I ever was in my car. Most waterfall hikes seem to involve a dirt road.

The hike to Minnehaha Falls was short (.2 mi one way). As we were starting our hike there was another couple and their two dogs sightly behind us. We aren’t the only crazies out here!

It was a short but pretty hike up. Lots of beautifully colored leaves covering the trail and the rain ramained misty UNTIL we reached the top and it started to rain harder. We took a few pictures and quickly headed back to Vandy.

The falls were beautiful and had plenty of water flowing since they have had so much rain lately. I was really glad we didn’t skip this one.

I’m not sure Jim enjoyed it. I think he just endures it for me. I’m still happy to have him along.

The tempertures dropped fast this evening and we soon had a fire in the fireplace. The low tempertures for the whole weekend are forecasted to be 27-30 degrees. Much colder then Jim and I would like to see, but it is nice to have an evening and early morning fire in the fireplace. This whole weekend Jim had a nice fire going and a cup of hot chocolate ready for me when I got back from walking Berkley.

Friday November 1, 2019

Today we were off to Gorges State Park to see Bearwallow Falls and Rainbow Falls.

Bearwallow Falls

Today was beautiful. A crisp cool breeze and sun was shinning brightly without a cloud in the sky. The color along the trail was amazing with all the fallen leaves. Just a perfect hiking day.

Our rock climber Berkley. He seemed to be loving it out here today.

My Mom didn’t want me to post this picture, but what do kids do when you tell them not to do something? They do exactually what you tell them not to do. Hehe. It is hard to see but in this picture, but Mom is being a badass rock hopping across a small creek.

The views have all been spectacular with all the rain that they have had up here.

As I am making my way up to Rainbow Falls I can see water spray from the falls as I am climbing up the last steep section of trail just before the falls. When I finely crest that last section and see the falls. My eyes totally bug out of my head. It was total amazment. Kinda like Clark Graswold’s expression when the christmas lights finely light up on his house in the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I was in total awe, being blessed by nature’s glory.

Rainbow Falls. A massive amount of water. There was so much water spray at the top you couldn’t help not getting wet. I have never seen anything like this in my life. This is a must stop and hike if you are even in the area.

On the way back to the cabin. We drive by Bridal Vail Falls. It is road side and at one time you use to be able to drive right under the falls.

Bust Your Butt Falls pictured above was also road side on the way back to the cabin.

Saturday November 2, 2019

This morning was supper foggy and plenty cold. I enjoyed an early morning fire in the fireplace with a hot chocolate. Today we went into downtown to walk the shops and stop at a local brewery called the Lazy Hiker. We also walked the local river walk for a couple of miles so I could get some type of exercise fix for the day.

Sunday November 3, 2019

I started the day sitting in front of the fireplace with roaring fire and a mug of hot chocolate again. I can get use to this! Thanks, Babydoll for spoiling me!

Today we are hiking a small section of the Bartram trail up to Williams Pulpit lookout area. This is the crew as we head out on trail.

Trail this beautiful puts me in my happy place. I love being out here.

Jim and Berkley enjoying the view from Williams Pulpit.

Trail side waterfall.

View from Williams Pulpit.

My tramily (trail family).

Unfortunally, it is time to return home, but I have been blessed to spend this time with my family and enjoyed hiking with them.