Saturday September 7, 2019

Today is another waterfall bust…I am heading out today to begin my trip home. I planned to stop at two places on the way south today. The first is a fee to enter area. I get there 45 minutes before they open at 10am and the gate is locked. The parking lot for the other falls that I want to hike to is just half a mile down the road. So I decide to go there. The parking lot described in the guide book turns out to be a small pullout on a very narrow road. The pullout may fit two cars, but it is at a terrible slope and I chicken out and don’t want to park there. It probably would have been fine, but I was nervous about it. So I decide to just go and continue heading south. I am very close to the South Carolina state border. I will stop at the welcome center and see if there is anything else to stop at on my way home.

After stoping at the welcome center there is nothing really to stop at on my way home. I’m bummed. I do collect info on other areas of South Carolina to visit in the future. I stop at the Georgia welcome center and do the same. Once leaving there I pick the closest RV resort to spend the night at. It is only 8 miles away. It is after 4 pm. I am ready to be in relax mode. I asked for a shaded site since the temperature gauge on the van is showing 99 degrees. The site they give me is in the full sun. I pick out a shaded spot and park there for the night. I started with some not so legal parking why not finish up the trip with some more. The office was closed for the day when pulled in so I can’t change it. I did notice when I picked up my info taped to the office door, that it was the only one. So hopefully the site I took is not someone elses.

I should arrive home tomorrow, late morning. Then it is back to work on Monday. Next trip is early October. I will start planning it soon. I have an idea where I will be going.

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Bummed

  1. It’s too bad about no more waterfalls, but I love it that you’re living life on the edge and parking illegally! You are really getting some great trips in with your darling camper. I have shown your photos to Bill and begun my not-so-subtle campaign for a camper this size for us.


  2. Whoa. Sorry your last day was a bust…but keep your memories close of all of the fun days you had.  I hope Berkley had a good time.

    October will be cooler, too. That will be a perk.

    I can’t wait to read about it! The suspense on where you will be going is killing me. 🙂

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