Courthouse Falls

Thursday September 5, 2019

Courthouse Falls

Aonther gravel road! It is a very slow 3 miles to Courthouse Falls. It was worth it. The falls are beautiful and I am the only one here.

Parked on the side of the gravel road.

I stop again after making it back to the paved road and dig out the gravel from my tires.

Mills Shoals (French Broad Falls)

There are two falls here with an old mill right next to one of the falls. The old mill is now Living Waters Ministry. They allow the public to park on their property to view the falls.

Bird Rock Falls

A short walk down trail you come to Bird Rock Falls. The walk is beautiful along the French Broad River. I wished I brought lunch along with me. There are plenty of rocks to sit on and it is a gorgeous day. There are plenty of places to hop in the water if you need to cool off, but the water is much to cold for this Florida girl.

There is no cell service in the area. I drive a little out of the way toward town to call Jim to let him know I am doing great. Then I head back to camp to plan out the next days adventures. Hopefully without gravel roads.

I do a little reading before bed.

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