Waterfall bust…

Wednesday September 4, 2019

I wake up with cold feet. Berkley stays in his cocoon until the sun comes up.

It is cool and breezy on our morning walk. We pass a camper guest headed to the bathrooms with a coffee in one hand and a paperback in the other…

Today was a waterfall bust…I planned to go to Eastatoe Falls. It is on private property. And it was closed today. This is what is pictured in my guide book. It looked amazing, but will have to save it for another day.

I have moved campgrounds. I am now further south in lower elevation and it doesn’t feel as cool here.

I had to cross this bridge to get to the campground. Mild panic attach!

I am camped just a short ways from this river and can hear it from the van. It looks like a lazy river that you can float down in an inner tube.

Campsite for the next three nights.

Kara, this one is for you. Had a few of these girls/guys visit me last night. Didn’t notice them until one was standing on my welcome mat! When I look out there are about six of them in my campsite.

5 thoughts on “Waterfall bust…

  1. LOL!


    What are they doing all the way out there?  They just wanted a treat! I can tell. …so they must be pretty tame.

    That one is definitely a hen, and it’s either a Barred Rock or a Dominique. The comb is in shadow, and that will be the way to tell which one. A single comb is a Barred Rock. If the comb is shaped kind of like a thick triangle, it’s a Dominique.

    The camping spot looks nice…though the chickens would have won me over no matter what the place looked like. Your van looks brand new!


    I’m loving this adventure of yours…water falls or not. Chickens sealed the deal.

    I’m wondering if Berkley was afraid of the chickens, or if the chickens were afraid of him. 🙂

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      1. Oh no! 😦 I’m surprised they came back. Dogs are natural predators for chickens. Berkley’s pretty small, though. My cat is afraid of the chickens because they will come up to her and puff themselves up and peck at her. 🙂

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  2. I love following all your travels. I have severe camper envy, though! It looks like it’s the perfect size for you. And it’s so fun seeing and hearing about Berkley.


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