Skinny Dip Falls

Tuesday September 3, 2019

Skinny Dip Falls

Well it’s another day of not being up and out early. It is so beautiful here. I’m in relax mode, and it’s hard not to be. We get our normal late start again.

Shortly after getting on the Blue Ridge Parkway, my phone starts to go crazy with message alerts. I have service! Whoowho! I find an overlook and pull over. My first order of business is to call my mother in law. It is her birthday today. Happy Birthday Diane! My in laws live on a boat on the east coast of Florida with Hurrican Dorian barreling toward them. I get the latest updates of the storm from her. It is now down to a class 3 from a class 5. Hopefully will stay off the coast of Florida and not make a direct hit. I pray the storm stays out to sea. I also call Jim and my Mom. Now another 45 minutes has passed, but I’m not stressing it. The falls I want to go to today are only 10 miles from the campground.

Skinny Dip Falls is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile marker 417 directly across from an overlook. I believe it is a side trail off the Moutain to Sea trail that runs paraellel to the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is definitly a MUST SEE! I could have sat here all day long. There are no signs of this being touristy. It seems like a hidden secret. You can also see Looking Glass Rock from the overlook here, but with the sun glare you could not see it well in my photos, so I didn’t include them.

Before I know it Berkley was more than half way down these stairs. I almost had a heart attack watching him. I would always carry him down stuff like this, but he was blazing trail this morning.

I easily find a place to park. There are only two other cars at the overlook. The walk to the falls is easy for an experienced hiker, but for the non-experienced it has some roots, stairs and elevation change. It is shaded and a very pleasant temperature this moring. The first sight of the falls is breath taking. The falls, the color of the pools at the bottom, the surrounding forest makes you never want to leave. It is so beautiful .

Trail to skinny Dip Falls

Graveyard Fields is the next stop, located at 418.8 on the BRP. I pull into a very full parking lot. I manage to find a parking spot, but can’t seem to get this beast into the spot stright. I really need to do some parking lot parking practice. This looks touristy. There are a lot of people here.

Lower Falls

There are two falls here, Upper and Lower Falls. I hike to Lower Falls first. It is beautiful and there are only a few people there. The hike to Upper Falls is almost 2 miles away. Berkley decides part way there that he is done. I pick him up and carry him the rest of the way to Upper Falls. We take a snack break once we reach the falls. Upper Falls is kinds of a let down after all the other falls I have seen lately. The hike getting there is the highlight. There is some climbing involved, but it is easy. The highlight is how shaded and cool it feels, like someone turned on the AC. For the return trip I put Berkley in my backpack that I wear on my front side. He likes to be in the front. I carry him the whole way back.

Upper Falls

We head back to the overlook where I had service this morning. I want to upload my blog, but don’t have enough service for that. While I am trying to schedule campgrounds for the next few nights, Berkley has found a sunny spot in the passanger set and is fast asleep.

We return to camp. I shower and relax for the rest of the evening. I fall sleep before 8pm. Berkley isn’t the only one that is tired.

Another one of my not so good parking jobs. I was lucky enough to find two parking spots side by side at the end of the lot. I passed all the other single spots. I managed to get in mostly in the spot. My right back tire is on the line.

My campsite for the next two nights.

4 thoughts on “Skinny Dip Falls

      1. That’s awesome. I would imagine it’s nicer because it’s smaller than a motor home (as far as driving it) and it’s not like dragging a trailer behind you. I can still see why you would have fear about parking it since it is still large, but I think it will probably get easier with time.

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