Looking Glass Falls

Monday September 2, 2019

Sliding Rock Falls.

I wasn’t up as early as I wanted to be but it is vacation after all. I’m up at 6:45am and it’s chilly. I head out to walk Berkley and we find a trail along the gravel road we came in on. We head down it for about half a mile before Berkley wants to turn around. It feels so good to be out in nature on a trail again. Berkley seems to be enjoying it to, or maybe it is just the cooler weather. He is moving at a fast clip.

I have my day all planned out there are a few waterfalls along the main road, 276 that I turned off of. I just have to get back there from my 3 miles down this rough gravel road. I know it is a holiday weekend so things will be busy and I am still trying to master driving this van. I’ve already hit a tree branch on this trip in a Walmart parking lot. I wanted to park in the shade and there was a tree branch that was hanging to low for the height of the van. No damage done, but a reminder that you can’t park this big boy anywhere. I hope getting to these waterfall parking areas early they won’t be to full and it will be easy for me to get the van in and out of them.

Sliding Rock Falls.

My first stop is sliding rock falls. Apperently you can slide down the falls on a slick rock into a pool at the bottom. I have no cell service out here so I can’t google directions so going out early will allow me to take my time and go slow. I find it easily. There is a fee $3 per person to enter, but the gate is open and no one is at the gate house. I go in and find the falls. NO one is here and it is beautiful and quiet. I sure am glad I got here early since it looks like an amusment park. I bet this gets crazy. I can see where you can side down the falls with an area railed off to walk back up to do it all over again. I was lucky enough while here to find some signage to the other falls in the area with dirving directions to them.

Slick Rock Falls.

Looking Glass Falls is the next stop, but it is on the opposite side of the road and it is parallel parking only so I decide to continue on to slickrock falls and stop at looking glass falls on the way back. I would have never found slick rock falls without the driving directions listed at Sliding Rock Falls. Slickrock was off of 276 then down another gravel road. I though I had to hike to see the falls but it was very close to the road. There was a hiking trail, up to Looking Glass Rock so we proceded up. It was a nice uphill hike to get the heart going but Berkley seemed pretty winded and with his heart murmur I didn’t want to push him. We turned around before getting to Looking Glass Rock. I believe there is a lookout on the parkway where this can be viewed.

After exiting the gravel road and heading back to 276, I noticed that something sounded funny. I found a pullout and stopped to check things out. There was a lot of gravel stuck in my tires. I thought it best to remove it. I pried it out with the tip of a trekking pole (another use for trekking poles). Funny sound gone. Yea! I fixed something!

View along the Blie Ridge Parkway

Those of you following my blog may remember that I left my trekking poles in Oregon. I had to super glue one of them when it broke and was not longer collapsible and wouldn’t fit in my travel bag so I left them in a hiker box. Plus one of the tips broke off as well. They served me well for probally close to 3000 miles. So I have now claimed my husbands poles. He rarely uses them.

Looking Glass Falls

When I got back to Looking Glass Falls it was a ZOO! There were vicheles everwhere and even parked around the no parking signs! I will admit there were a few parallel parking spots left, but I didn’t want to try and squeese this big boy in those little spots. But within walking distance of the falls I found a pull in spot and grabbed it. The falls were beautiful, but way to may people for my liking.

The ZOO!

On the way back to Pisgah Campgrond, my home for the next two nights I stopped at Pink Beds Loop and picnic and hiking area. We walked for a short spell and headed back to the van. Berkley quickly laid down and was fast asleep. I proceded to make lasagna for my dinner tonight. I pretty much need to have the van running when I use any electrical appliance that draws a good bit of power. So I put my lasagna in the instant pot and would let it cook while I drove to the campgound. This way I wouldn’t have to run it just sitting idle. I put the instant pot in the kitchen sink so it wouldn’t go flying anywhere and headed to camp.

3 thoughts on “Looking Glass Falls

  1. Wow. What an adventure. So…either I missed a post…or this is your first time out in a new van? I remember the post that said you were thinking about it. Didn’t know it is now a reality.

    This sounds like a whole new monster with a whole new learning curve. Lasagna sure beats dehydrated food! It looks delicious! I have so much dehydrated food left over from my hike! It’s taking up our whole deep freezer, and the thought of eating that dehydrated food makes me nauseated. The chickens are getting it, bit by bit…except the ones with chicken in them. Those will probably be given to the wild animals deep in our woods.

    The falls are beautiful, but I’m with you. The people would have ruined it for me. LOL.

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