North Carolina

Sunday, September 1, 2019

My travel companion.

I am headed to North Carolina for some day hiking to waterfalls. I didn’t realize there were so many waterfalls in Transylvania County. I overnighted in South Carolina so I didn’t have to do the long drive all in one day. I didn’t sleep all that well last night. I was woken up at 11:15 with the AC spiting ice all over me. I know I heard it cycle earlier in the evening. So I’m not sure why it froze up on me. I turned it off and went back to bed although I didn’t go right back to sleep. Since I wasn’t sleeping I read for a couple of hours. I then woke up at 4:45am to pee and Berkley is just standing by the door waiting for me to take him out. What??? At this hour? Oh well I was up anyway.

I wanted to leave early this morning I still had 5 hours of driving to go, but I took it easy and didn’t head out until 9am. The plan was to go to Walmart and get a fee things I forgot then head to REI for some shopping. I decided to skip the shopping. Berkley was getting restless. He wanted out of this van. I’m not sure he likes it very much. There are so many things that rattle in here and it scares him.

The weather here is georgous, and the scenic drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway is beautiful. I bet I drove though 10 tunnels along the way.

I wanted to take my time and pull over at some of the lookouts, but I was racing to a campground on the slim chance that I could get a walkin site. On the drive up to the Pisgah National Forest I called the campground where I have reservations for the next two nights to see if there was anything available for tonight. There was one walk in site, but it was gone by the time I got there. My next plan was a dispersed camping area about a half hour away down a dirt road. I was so stress trying to find it, because I no longer had cell service to google the address. Plus I was drving so I couldn’t look at a map. Luckly I looked at it pretty good at the location at home and had an idea where it was. I found the dirt road and there was a sign a the begining of the road stating that the areas that I could camp in are marked. Yea! I found it! I knew there was a horse camp 3 miles down the road then the sites I was looking for would be after that. This was a pretty rough single lane dirt road with a lot of traffic. I was shocked at the amount of traffic that I was running into. After going another 2 miles and only seeing 2 campsite that were already taken, I stopped and asked an approaching car if there were any open campsites down the road. They confirmed that they were full and there were also some illigal camping as well. Shit!

One lane gravel road.

I decided to turn around and go back to the horse camp and stay there. It looked like there were some open sites when I went by. So I mange to turn my van around on a single lane dirt road without going off the side of the mountain. As I enter the horse camp I notice a sign that said the area is for resrvations only and there was info posted at the vault toliet area. There wasn’t much info at the toliet except that is was $10 a night. I wished there was a drop box I could just put the $10 into and be done with it or reserve a site online but I don’t have service. There were numerous sites open so I decide to stay. It was already 4 pm so I was hoping no one would be driving in with a horse trailer this late. I’m not that lucky. A truck and trailer pull in at 5:30pm into the site next to me. I hope I am not in their site. Another camper truck pulls in at 6pm, but I get the feeling they are doing the same thing I am.It’s not my first night of illigal camping. But this one definitly come with a price or I should say SMELL and it’s not a fresh forest smell!

Hopefully I sleep well tonight. I picked up a 3″ foam mattress at Walmart today and I is currently 65 degrees. No AC needed.

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