Saturday August 31, 2109

As hurricane Dorian (catgory 4) barrels toward Florida. I prepare for vacation. I have the holiday week off. I chose not to worry about something that I can do nothing about. Life is too short not to enjoy it. Jim, who usually works all holiday weekends decides to stay home to help our parents in the miniscule chance that they MIGHT need help with anything during the storm.

The bad weather has caused all of Jim’s charters to be rescheduled. He has the holiday weekend off, he chooses to stay home to help friends and family. I get it, he has a huge need to help others, but he never has a holiday weekend off. It’s a huge blow to my heart.

One thought on “WOW. JUST WOW!

  1. I am just now getting the notification for this post. It is Sunday, and Dorian is now a Cat 5. I just saw that this storm is barreling over the Bahama’s with 185 mph winds and a 25 foot storm surge.  (I have been watching it closely because I know where you live, and I care about you!)

    It sounds as if the Meteorologists are waffling (as always) about where this thing will go. Please don’t take any chances if it does, indeed go up the East Coast.

    Praying for you all. Please stay safe!

    …and if you are away somewhere for your vacation, have fun!


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