Public Transportation

Thursday July 25, 2019

I sleep in this morning until 6:05 am in a comfy bed. I lay around while SHORTCUT gets ready to head out. She will continue on without me. I eat cake and cookies in bed while updating my blog and forget to take my thyroid medication. I’m out of my routine this morning.

It’s 10:15 before I know it and my bus leaves in half an hour. I quickly get ready and make it to the bus with 60 seconds to spare. My heart is racing! I’m scared. I don’t normally travel alone on public transportation. I have to take three buses and a metro to get to Portland. Then once there find a way to get to the hotel. My flight leaves at 6:15 the next morning. Hopefully I can get an early morning shuttle to the airport from the hotel.

Me feeling sick on first bus ride. I was so scared.

The scenery on the bus is beautiful as we head down from Timberline Lodge. Through the mountains with roadside waterfalls along the way.

I calm down after my first bus ride and my heart rate returns to normal. The rest of the ride is uneventful, and not much for scenery. It is mostly through towns now.

After the last metro ride I get dropped off a mile from my hotel. I will walk the rest of the way. There is a Target store where I get dropped off. I go inside to get a salad for dinner and some hygiene items to clean up this hiker trash body of mine. I get nail clippers, nail file, deodorant and a hair brush. Plus a little surprise for Berkley.

I get lost in the Target parking lot! I’m not sure which direction to go to the hotel. I find someone to ask and I am on my way.

Pretty walk to the hotel.

It takes 4 hours on public transportation and $8.00 to get to the hotel which includes my shopping time and getting lost. I am pleased that I made it. I just had to ask bus drivers and locals for help.

I check into the hotel. It is the cheapest one I can find with a shuttle to the airport in the morning and it still cost $183.

Once in the room I eat lunch/dinner. Then start to get cleaned up. It takes me nearly an hour. My feet and nails look so much better.

All cleaned up and looking much better!😊

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