Timberline Lodge

Wednesday July 24, 2109

14.2 miles

SHORTCUT wakes up early and starts to pack up. When I let her know I am up she tells me she is almost ready to go. I pack up in 20 minutes and am hiking down the trail. That is another record for me. I don’t think I have ever packed up so quickly. I was anxious to finish. Today would be my last day on trail. I want to head home early and have a few days to spend with Jim before I have to go back to work.

Timberline Lodge with built back in 1936-1937. It is considered a historical landmark now. It was really nice and expensive. Our 2 bed room was $300. For that price I was really disappointed with the shower. It went from hot to warm to cold in quick intervals. Plus the drainage was not that good. I’m sure it is the best it can be in such an old place as this.

The dining experience was over the top. I had an awesome spaetzel dish with wild Pacific salmon. It was a $40 entree.

One thought on “Timberline Lodge

  1. Oh my goodness…it’s just absolutely stunning!

    I remember how much it hurt to pay exorbitant prices for food and lodging when I was basically captive to wherever I landed next to the trail. It seems that things along the west coast are far more expensive! Yikes.

    Wow. What an adventure! I can only imagine how much you are ready to be home, though.


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