Snowy passes and frozen ponds

Sunday July 21, 2019

20.4 miles

We are up early and out of camp. I find a windy cliff and let my unwanted food blow away in the wind. Definitely not LNT (leave no trace).

We have one dangerous creek crossing. Whitewater Creek and we both make it across without being swept away.

It was a hard day today. Lots of areas exposed to the sun. I started out wearing my rain pants to protect my legs from the sun, but it was just to hot to wear them all day. So I had the brilliant idea to wear my sun sleeves on my legs and a pair of latex gloves on my hands to protect them since I was no longer wearing the sun sleeves on them. It worked out really well. I’m making a fashion statement on the trail again. I also used my umbrella to protect my arms as much as I could.

We had a lot my snow patches to cross in the Mt. Hood wilderness. It was really beautiful, but was just so sunny, hot and slow going.

The trekking pole that I super glued is still holding up. 😀

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