Little Crater Lake

Tuesday July 23, 2019

20.2 miles

We took a side trail to an artesian spring. It was so worth the trip. I though the other lakes and ponds were clear it was nothing like this one. It is 44 feet deep and you can see all the way to the bottom. The color is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

We had another easy terrain day. Mostly flat and shaded. With pretty good temperatures.

Morning second breakfast break.

Old PCT trail maker.

We had trail magic in the middle of the afternoon. It was an awesome setup with make your own sandwitches, soda and snacks. I had a turkey and cheese with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mustard. As well as two homemade brownies. I also took one flavored drink mix to go.

Trail angel Connie. We leave a donation to help cover expenses. She is so sweet to do what she does. She sets up for a couple of weeks here feeding hungry, dirty and smelly hiker trash.

I have a toe that has been bothering me the last few days and today when I looked at it I realized that I had a blister. I used the needle from my sewing kit to pop it and reapplied some tape to it. SHORTCUT also gave me a sleeve to put around it to help ease the pain of it rubbing.

Tomorrow will be my last day on trial. We will be arriving at Timberline Lodge (as ski resort). I will get a shuttle to take me into Portland and I will fly home. I was originally not flying home until next Monday, but I had Jim change my flight so I can arrive home and spent a few days with him before I have to go back to work.

The blisters on my hands are feeling better, but have really gotten red. Hopefully that heals before having to go back to work.

My trekking pole is still holding up. That is some super glue job we did in it! They will go into the hiker box at Timberline Lodge when I get there. Hopefully they can help another hiker.

Just for fun…my feet AFTER I cleaned them trail side. They could really use a good cleaning! I do have a blister. I pop it with a sewing needle add some tape and a toe sleeve that SHORTCUT gave me.

Trail Angel Connie’s dog.

We didn’t see any snow on trail today and the mosquitos are still present but not terrible.

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