Tent for sale

Wednesday July 17, 2019

17 miles

I have decided that my tent is to small. It is just to crowded. I would still like to have a one man tent, but just something with a little more room. So I think at the end of this trip I will put it up for sale and see if I can get something for it. Then get something bigger.

Saw this big truck at Elk lake. SNOW TIRES!😯

We slept in a little bit this morning. We were headed into Elk Lake Resort to pick up resupply boxes, take showers and get something to eat. The restaurant didn’t open until 11am and since we arrived before 9am we decided to just take showers and pick up our resupply boxes and head back out. I also had a prepaid shipping label and box in with my stuff so I sent my microspikes home. I really didn’t NEED them but it was nice to have them and I did use them. It was my first time ever to use them.

We still see snow patches. I can’t remember if we have seen them every day or not. If not it was only one day that we didn’t. All other days we are still seeing them.

We still pass many ponds and lakes every day. Perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. I’ve heard that they reduce in number after we pass the Bend/Sisters area. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. There were a dozen of them waiting to get in my tent this morning at 6am when I got out to pack it up. I let them all in, zipped up the tent then packed it up. I had quite the mess this evening when I set the tent back up. 😇

My mosquito mess!

SOULFLOWER at our lunch break.

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