Thursday July 18, 2019

16.7 miles

See the rainbow.

The rain got us. It started at 9pm last night and rained off and on for 12 hours. We caught a little break to pack up our stuff, but the tents were wet and would need to be dried out. About 9 am it had mostly stopped raining and by 10 am we found a mostly sunny spot to dry out our tents.

It was a pretty chilly day today. With temperatures only reaching in the 60’s but it was so windy all day it felt cooler.

The terrain we covered was vast from beautiful snow covered mountains to glacier morriaine areas. It was really beautiful all day long. Some days can get boring but today it was exciting!

There was still plenty of snow on the trail and the mosquitos were still out. Although there were much less of them. I have heard that the farther north we go the better it gets. Lets hope so.

I am still cooking my dinners on trail, but I think in the future I will bring more cold soak meals and do away with the stove. The stove and fuel probably adds 12 oz to the pack weight. The weight really seems to bother me and takes away from my hiking enjoyment.

I usually have cereal for breakfast, a pasta salad or fruit salad for lunch or just snack all day. Dinner is usually a hot meal. Which can be a wide range of different things. I’m going to do some investigation into more cold soak meals.

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