Trail magic!

Monday July 15, 2019

21 miles

I received my first ever trail side trail magic this afternoon. Ducky’s dad was our host. Ducky completed the PCT in 2016, the AT in 2018 and is currently on the CDT. I had some chocolate milk, oreo cookies, tortilla chips and cherries. Such an awesome experience.

Morning view from our cabin.

We left Shelter Cove after a breakfast of scrambled eggs. It was a very good stay. I got my laundry done, showered and got to talk to Jim. I’ve had pretty much no cell service out here and had to use wifi to call Jim, but so glad I got to talk to him. He is my rock and bestfriend. I just wish he loved backpacking as much as I do.

It was mostly overcast all day today with cooler temps in the low 60’s. It was very comfortable hiking and maybe a little on the cool side. I didnt do much sweating today. I am also feeling better, less soreness. My pack is much more comfortable with only a little over a days worth of food in it.

The mosquitos are still bad but not as bad as yesterday. We passed by many beautiful lakes/ponds today with crystal clear water.

I am currently camped on the shore of a beautiful lake. This is one of my top five campsites ever.

View of the lake we are camped on.

I’ve seen the most people on the trail today since starting the trip. Even saw a few trail runners. This is an awesome trail to run on. So few roots and rocks. I’ve often thought how awesome it would be to live close to a trail.

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