Deadly mosquitoes

Sunday July 14, 2019

11.3 miles to Shelter Cove Resort

Sunrise over the lake this morning was spectacular! When you live outdoors for a while you get to see so many of them.

We rolled out of camp at 5:50am. We were headed to Shelter Cove Resort where we would stay the night, take showers and do laundry. I am so dirty. More so than I was on the AT. There are so little water sources out here that you can actually wash in. It is so different from the AT. So I don’t really get a good bandana bath in the evening.

The terrain was really dry and dusty this morning. A lot of horses had been on the trail so the ground was really stirred up and made it a little difficult to hike on.

I thought the mosquitos were bad previous days. Well it was nothing like today. There were no breaks from them at all this morning. They were so thick I put on my head on to keep them away from my face. It was only about 40 degrees when we left camp this morning so I had my puffy jacket on and I couldn’t even stop to take of off. I would rather be a little to warm than be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Just to take a picture was a challenge. Before you could take the picture they were landing on you

We made it into Shelter cove by 11am. Where the girls picked up there resupply boxes. I didn’t have one here because I didn’t get to the post office early enough. It would take UPS 10 days to get my box here so it wouldn’t have arrived until the day I was leaving Shelter Cove and I didn’t want to wait on it or take a chance on it. So I carried extra food to get me to the next stop, Elk Lake.

We took showers, did laundry, cleaned up gear, called family, caught up on emails, text messages and social media. The days we make it into town are rarely all relaxation.

Shelter Cove is really just a camping resort on a very large lake. It is not really a town. They do have a small store with some supplies and a small grill that serves hamburgers, pizza and some breakfast items. I had a gluten free veggie pizza for dinner.

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