Crescent Lake

Saturday July 13, 2019

19.9 miles

Check out this awesome campsite for the night. Crescent lake. Although we are not camped directly on the lake we are only a short walk away. Crescent lake is not on the PCT. We have taken an alternate route to avoid heavy snow areas around Diamond Peak, the mountain pictured in the back ground.

The last couple of afternoons I was really dragging so I decided that I would get up early this morning. So I could get most of my miles in early when I feel my best. So I woke SHORTCUT up with a loud rooster’s crow at 4:30am. We packed up and were out of camp by 5:15.

SOULFLOWER camped further down trail so I gave her a rooster’s crow as I went by. She had just woken up and got dressed but was not ready to go. We made arrangements where we would meet and we all made 10×10 (10 miles by 10am). With SOULFLOWER, the last one up and out of camp finishing first!

The mosquitos are relentless. When they are out you can’t pause to take a picture without them landing all over you. I have been applying bug spray daily and sometimes more than once per day.

The trail has been mostly a dirt path with very few roots and rocks. It has been very easy walking. Oregon is one of the flattest sections of the PCT and thru hikers can generally make 5 miles more per day here.

My knee is feeling better but my calfs are still sore. My arms are sunburnt and my butt is chafed.

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