Thursday July 11, 201919.1 miles I woke up to mosquitos still buzzing out side my tent this morning. How are the little buggers still awake? It make it challenging when one has to go poop while trying to squat and swat at the same time. Add this to my new list of talents!We continued to hike along the Rim trail for a few more miles this morning. The beauty is hard to capture on a cell phone camera, but some of the professional pictures I’ve seen with sapphire and teal colored water are exactly what I am seeing today.We had one small section of he Rim trail that was closed. I think it was impassable do to the snow. It was an easy one mile road walk around it.Crater lake was formed from a volcano that erupted 7,700 years ago and the island that you see in it is the actual top of the old volcano. The lake is over 1,900 feet deep. I will definitely be back here again some day.We had many snow covered patches of snow that we had to traverse this morning. There have been plenty of hikers through before us so we could easily follow in their footprints. We were going across them early in he morning which makes it easier when the ground is still hard. Once the sun rises it can get a little slushy.Once we were back on the PCT we entered a woodsy area where we remained the rest of the day. It got pretty warm today and with carrying a pack I got a little dehydrated. When we left camp this morning we had to carry enough water for the whole day since there was no water available. We were also depending on a water cache supplied by trail angles for our evening water. I have read reports on Guthook (electronic trail guide) that there was water there. And we were lucky that there was, about 20 five gallon water jugs. Thank you trail angles!😊There was a report at the water cache about the upcoming snow on the trail. It looks like tomorrow there could be a good bit of snow.I have been amazed how dry some section of the trail have been. Some areas are so dusty you can’t even hike behind the hiker in front of you. Then other areas are covered in snow.We were able to find a pretty good place off in the wood that was remarkably low on mosquitos. We had hiked through them off and on throughout the day. Requiring me to apply 100% deet twice.

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