Wednesday July 10. 2019I am off on another adventure. I had to cancel my trip to Colorado this summer because of all the snow still on the trail making sections of it impassable. So I am currently in Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).It was a long day of travel starting with the alarm going off at 4am this morning,, involving three different flights to get to Medford, Oregon and maybe a panic attach added in.When I arrived at Dallas/Fort Worth I realised that I had less then 30 minutes before the next flight left. So that really gets the blood flowing. After what felt about a mile of running through the airport to get to the next gate only to find out that I was an hour early. Effing time change!!!After meeting my friends SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT in Phoenix for our last flight we touch down in Oregon at 7:30 PM eastern time.Then it a quick trip to REI for fuel for our cook stoves then to tackle the 1.5 hour drive to Crater Lake with our PCT trail angel Nick. Thank you Nick.Our tent spot for the night was about 4.5 miles down trail. Which would put us in camp at 11:30pm eastern time 8:30 pacific time just enough light to set up our tents.We stepped out of the truck to the amazingly beautiful Crater Lake and swarms of mosquitos the size of birds, 61 degree temperatures and patches of snow on the ground. The temperature and the mosquitos had us moving quickly to get to camp as well as the race against time to get there before dark.We were following the rim trail around Crater Lake. It was a photographer’s dream, but you couldn’t stop and enjoy it for long because the mosquitos were all over you. You could literally feel them landing on you a dozen at a time.

5 thoughts on “CRATER LAKE

  1. Oh please take just a little bit of time to enjoy My Crater Lake for me as well as what little bit of snow that is left. Sorry about the mosquitoes— bet you didn’t pack your netting.


  2. You go, Amy girl. It looks surreal. I hope you get a break from the mosquitoes and can enjoy the beauty surrounding you. Happy trekking!


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