Almost there

Day 10

Wednesday August 22, 2018

15 Miles Total Mileage 130

We decided last night that if it wasn’t raining in the morning we would head out early. If it was raining we would stay in bed and hide from the rain. I was awake at 4:54am and it wasn’t raining so I got those sleepyheads up and at it. We were off at 6:10 am headed down the trail. We soon caught SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT still in bed at 8:30. They were just taking it easy and had decided to take 3 days to finish up. They were shocked to see us! We got them up and moving.

Me, waiting for SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT to finish packing up after sleeping in. This lean-to had a chair in it that I took advantage of.

We were making great time today and at noon we had reached our destination for the day and decided to go another 4 miles to the next shelter. Now we will only have 8 miles to complete tomorrow.

We arrive at the shelter and it is surrounded on one side with flowers and I noticed a hummingbird flying around the flowers.

The trail was overgrown and even though it wasn’t raining hard it got the overgrowth wet and that is what really makes your socks and shoes wet and uncomfortable. We didn’t have much sun today so there is no way my shoes will be dry by tomorrow morning.

There were no really good spots to camp tonight so we were all were staying in the lean-to.

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