This is it. We did it!

Day 11

Thursday August 23, 2018

8 Miles Total Mileage 138

I guess there was a lot going on throughout the night and I slept through it all! It seems I was the only one that slept great. SHORTCUT got up to go to the bathroom 3 times and was so cold she was having a hard time sleeping. Amy was cold and hasn’t slept that great on her sleeping pad the whole trip. She was the first one up and starting to pack up. SOULFLOWER said she couldn’t sleep and was up until 1am. Plus there was a mouse in the house eating something and making a bunch of noise. At first SOULFLOWER thought it was Aunt Julie eating a midnight snack, but when she sat up to investigate she realized it was a mouse. She was shining her light trying to find out where it was but couldn’t see it. It was over by me somewhere. Aunt Julie also had a hard time sleeping because of all the noise and she was cold. And me…I just slept toasty warm through it all!

Yucky muddy trail.

I did later discover that there was indeed a mouse and he ate a hole through a mesh in my pack to get to a bar wrapper that I missed putting in my bear hang. Oops!

We were off early to finish up the trail. A few of us took a short side trail to a waterfall. This is where I ate my breakfast this morning.

We completed the 8 miles by 11am and my Uncle Brian came and picked us up. Then he took us for ice cream! A perfect way to end the trail. Thank you Uncle Brian.

The Katahdin girls.

I did enjoy the trail plus I had the best company. I can’t wait to get together with these girls again.

The trail was pretty flat with lots of tree cover so we didn’t get much sun. There were a good number of blowdowns that we had to go over, around or under. As well as plenty of roots, rocks and muddy areas to slow you down. I also have the most mosquito bites o think I have ever had.

7 thoughts on “This is it. We did it!

  1. How different all three of this year’s adventures have been! From the dryness of the CT to the boggy mud ofvthiscrecent trip. But all good fun it has been fun reading about it.

    I’m happy to share that I’’ll be back on the AT September 1, with the high hopes of finishing the southern half this fall, about 600 miles. Fingers crossed!


    1. OMG CHOCOHOLIC, so good to hear from you and to hear your good news. Please send me your itinerary. I talked about you on this trip and have been wondering about how things were with your healing. I would love to join you some but don’t know of I can swing it. Things have been busy at work and i no longer have a girl to cover for me when I am off. Which makes things hard. But my Mom will be in Franklin NC for 7 weeks and I planned to go up and see her a couple of times so maybe I can jump on the trail some with you there.


      1. I would love to see you again and hiking together would be a bonus. I’ll let you know my general plans once I get home from Colorado Tuesday. By the way, we walked on the Colorado Trail for a whopping10 minutes near Lake City and I thought of you.

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  2. I’m not sure if your pack is ULA, but they offer a ‘free tuneup’ of your pack. They will probably fix that mesh for free or very little.

    Love the pic of your group. You look all look so healthy and fit. I’m glad a good time was had by all. It was fun reading about it.


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