Bloody toes

Day 9

Tuesday August 21, 2018

13 Miles Total Milage 115

We left the motel at 8am this morning. The motel owner was gracious enough to give us a ride back to the trailhead. Although the ride was in the back of a pick up truck. It was pretty chilly.

I’ve been pretty hungry on this trip. Yesterday I made a few purchases for breakfast this morning. I started with a fresh peach, a very large blueberry muffin and finished it off with a chocolate milk. I was full and ready to hit the trail.

We were off to a good pace and didn’t stop until noon for lunch. SOULFLOWER and SHORTCUT where thinking about pressing on further than the planned stop for the day because of the forecasted rain for tomorrow. It could be an all day rain. Their plan was to hike the mileage we had planned for the last three days in two days and be in a nice dry and warm hotel room tomorrow night.

Note left by SHORTCUT and SUNFLOWER.

When we got to our planned stop and Aunt Julie took off her boots and I saw the blister I am glad we stopped here. It is really bad and bloody looking. Plus this spot is really nice. It is right on the Cold River. We were able to sit at the waters edge and soak our feet for a while.

Aunt Julie’s little toe.

This is the toe next to the little toe. A totally different blister.

Julie and I lay down early and Amy goes for a walk up the trail! Like she didn’t get enough walking. And this isn’t the first time she did this. She went for another walk one night when we finished up early.

Scary suspension bridge.

We had to cross a suspension bridge with a see through metal grate at the bottom. I was not fond of it but managed to make it across.

Aunt Julie coming across the scary suspension bridge.

I managed to loose my bear line tonight. I picked out a branch and on my third attempt to get the line over the branch my rock bag went flying into a neighboring tree and I knew immediately that I was in trouble. After giving it a yank…yup its stuck!!! I managed to save enough line for maybe a small clothes line, but I will have to make a new rock bag and buy a new line. Although I didn’t have all my line to begin with. I got part of it stuck in a tree on the AT, but I still had enough to hang a bag. Now that is no longer the case.

Me, in bed resting.

2 thoughts on “Bloody toes

  1. Which is worse for you—the suspension bridges or the narrow ledges at an elevation of 4000 feet? Oh or is it a trail laced with spider webs?


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